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Unmasking Unconventional Voting Practices: Eroding Trust in American Elections



Clear Facts

  • Trust in America’s electoral system is at stake due to the implementation of questionable practices like expanded absentee voting, mass mail-in voting, and ballot harvesting during the pandemic.
  • Private funding has played a significant role in our election process, with over half the country now banning such funding. Significant amounts of private money were directed towards election offices in key swing states, seemingly to benefit the Democratic Party.
  • Joe Biden’s executive order, “Promoting Access to Voting”, raises concerns about the role of government in elections, with fears of a hidden agenda to use government resources to favor the president’s political party.

Trust in the American electoral system is being challenged by emerging practices introduced during the pandemic, such as expanded absentee voting, mass mail-in voting, and ballot harvesting. These practices are raising concerns and sowing doubt among citizens, leading to questions as to how these ballots are being managed and funded.

Over half of the states in the country have already banned private funding in elections. For those that have not, the question arises of why they have not taken similar action.

Private funds were directed towards public election offices via left-leaning nonprofit organizations. These funds were accompanied by certain conditions that essentially turned into a Democratic get-out-the-vote effort, employing mass mail-in voting and ballot “curing”. These funds were not distributed evenly, but were directed towards government election offices in the largest cities in swing states – areas that are home to a majority of Democratic Party’s voters.

These funding practices, taking place during a crucial election period, do little to inspire voter confidence due to the perceived conflict of interest.

Several years ago, Joe Biden issued an executive order titled, “Promoting Access to Voting”. Its stated goal was to “promote and defend the right to vote,” and Biden directed every agency in the government to participate. This move has fueled concerns about the possible use of government resources to favor the president’s political party.

Additionally, evidence of a collaboration between a third-party organization, Dēmos, and the Department of Agriculture has been revealed. Dēmos is known to have ties to a faction of the Democratic Party associated with U. S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and advocates for a far-left agenda.

The American electoral system is facing a fundamental transformation, with unconventional voting methods becoming the norm. The emphasis on mail-in and early voting is seen by some as a way to facilitate the voting process. However, there is a growing call for more transparency and accountability in the system as the integrity of America’s electoral system and the faith of its citizens in it hang in the balance.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tony L Bell

    May 9, 2024 at 10:03 am

    Frankly voter ID that confirms US citizenship is a must. Too, the citizenship question must be returned to on the US census questionnaire, the lack of that is an open invitation for misuse and manipulation of our congressional house numbers allocations.

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