McCarthy’s House Speaker bid thwarted by GOP rebellion


  • House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is working to get votes among House Republicans to lead the lower chamber.
  • Since Republicans will have 221 seats in the new Congress, McCarthy needs 218 votes to be House Speaker.
  • However, a handful of Republicans have said they will vote against McCarthy.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is facing a more difficult road to be the House speaker after Republicans won a narrower majority in the last election.

Several House Republicans have announced they will not support McCarthy’s bid to be the next speaker. He easily won the nomination for a speaker within the Republican conference, but he still need 218 votes on the floor. Republicans will have 221 seats in the new Congress, so he’ll need nearly all of them since all the Democrats in the House are expected to support a Democrat for speaker.

Here are the Republicans who say they will not support McCarthy’s bid to be the next speaker of the House:

Rep. Andy Biggs (Arizona)

Biggs ran against McCarthy within the Republican conference for speaker. In a Nov. 18 op-ed in the conservative website “American Greatness,” Biggs expressed frustration that McCarthy and Republicans aren’t doing enough to fight “radical Leftists” and are “failing to put the brakes on the Left.”

Biggs wrote, “I do not believe he will ever get to 218 votes, and I refuse to assist him in his effort to get those votes.”

In an interview on the podcast “Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz,” Biggs said 20 members of the House Republican Conference are “pretty hard no” votes against McCarthy becoming Speaker next session. 

Rep. Matt Gaetz (Florida)

Gaetz has consistently voiced his opposition to McCarthy as speaker.

“Kevin McCarthy (Establishment-CA) is now reduced to threatening and pressuring incoming freshmen House members to vote for him,” Gaetz tweeted on Nov. 18, along with Biggs’ op-ed. “We have the votes to force a change.”

A day before the House GOP conference election, Gaetz told “The Charlie Kirk Show,” “I’m not voting for Kevin McCarthy. I’m not voting for him tomorrow. I’m not voting for him on the floor.”

Rep. Ralph Norman (South Carolina)

Early last month, Norman said that he’s a hard “no” against McCarthy as well. He said he’ll either vote “present” or not attend the vote, which could be less damaging to McCarthy’s prospects. Norman cited McCarthy’s approach to the budget and national debt, suggesting the House minority leader doesn’t have an aggressive enough approach to get the nation’s fiscal house in order.

Other possible “no” votes

While they haven’t said they’re certain to vote against McCarthy, Reps. Bob Good of Virginia and Matt Rosendale of Montana have voiced serious concerns, and hold the power to tank McCarthy’s chances.

Rosendale said, “We need a leader who can stand up to a Democrat-controlled Senate and President Biden and unfortunately, that isn’t Kevin McCarthy.”

Source: Salon

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15 thoughts on “McCarthy’s House Speaker bid thwarted by GOP rebellion

  1. It is the job of Congress to lead this nation according to the will of the People. It is the President’s job to ensure that all the laws created by Congress are properly carried out for the benefit of the People. Why does the Speaker of the House have to be strong enough to stand up to the other Party or the President if they are all supposed to be working for us? In order to get things in order, the Republican Party would need a solid plan that focuses on the poorer 90% of American citizens. Once they present that plan, all they would have to do is point out where the Democrats keep ignoring the majority of voters in favor of the wealthy and Corporate America. The next election would probably resolve any disagreements by removing the dissenters from office.

    1. point out where the Democrats keep ignoring the majority of voters in favor of the wealthy and Corporate America.

      Huh?? Ate we now letting aliens from Mars post on this site? Wow. I didn’t realize that Curiosity had founf life there. Not intelligent like, mind you.

    1. Agreed, he had the strength to lead. He is not afraid to stand up for all Americans. He is not paid off by the Democrats.

  2. America voted for conservatives ?
    But GOP elected turn and vote back in the same leadership who backed stab President Trump for 6 years. Most dangerous people and most corrupt politicians last 6 years! Mitch McConnell, Cornyn, Linsey Graham, Paul Ryan and John Roberts, Barr ! These people work for Blackrock and Vanguard who control 2,600 corporate boards and 90 % of Media.
    Sad these are the people destroying America from the inside!!
    Take over and totally corrupted!
    Education in every college and major city, FBI Wray , DOJ Barr and now and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts!!

  3. Get it right this time or wave a white flag.
    The people are very angry, disgusted the way politician forgets that people have the answers what’s good for the country.
    Please wake up stand for the people

  4. RW above is right: “the Republican party would need a long range plan…” But the GOP doesn’t have such a plan. It has only single issue concerns: lower inflation, rising crime, failing schools, corrupt politicians and so on. These and other injustices should all be addressed in a single all-encompassing plan based on the principle of individual rights. But as far as I can see the concept of individual rights is not being taught in any of our government controlled and funded public schools. Instead, students are taught today they are free to get permission to live their lives as they choose. Freedom by permission, not by right.
    A just plan would start with abolishing the regulatory state. Either shutting down or privatizing all those alphabet soup regulatory agencies. At the very least, take away all their enforcement powers and confine them to be advisory agencies to congress. There is more to be said but this is getting too long for a comment.

  5. They have all made themselves Kings. They take some time out while conveying the will of the people to grab some cash or build upon the Mini kingdom they established for themselves. A guy like Joe Mancin should never be allowed to run for office. His whole family business is affected by every bill that goes through the chambers. Very easy to predict his next move. Leaves a long trail of disenfranchised voters who put him in office. His whole existence is built upon a series of betrayals.

  6. Wow. These republican traitors haven’t learned anything from the last 7 years. If they don’t sick together, and protect each other, we’re all doomed. What a bunch of fools.

  7. The Republican Party will never be strong until the RINO’s like
    Murkowski and others are gone.
    Cheney should not be allowed one more day to be a Republican. Kick her sorry butt out.
    McConnell is the one solely to blame for not taking the Senate.
    The Republicans are shameful to not at least
    try to fight for Kari Lake.
    The election was stolen
    for both of them
    Hobbs won nothing.
    The steal was on.
    The sad part is whether you are a Republican or a Democrat…first off you should want to identify as an American.
    If you aren’t sickened by the antics of Arizona
    you are not an American. .

    1. It’s not just Arizona, Colorado and other states are every bit as bad as Arizona for voter fraud.
      The first item that has to be fixed in this country is that “ballot boxes” have to be completely eliminated!
      All votes cast should have to be at the polls, No Exceptions!
      If people can’t make it to the polls on election day, they shouldn’t be able to vote!
      All votes should have to be counted by midnight on election day. Votes that haven’t been counted by midnight ” don’t count “!
      These conniving criminal democrats with their ballot boxes will illegally control all the elections until the people remove these criminals ability to tamper with ballots.
      Biden, Obama, Clinton, Soros, and Gates are the criminal masterminds of the ballot boxes brought into existence by the paranoia hype they used concerned with covid.
      No Ballot Boxes!, No Absentee Ballots!, and require Voter ID at the Polls!

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