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Mitch McConnell gives go signal to negotiate with Democrats on gun law


  • Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday signaled bipartisan talks on gun legislation
  • McConnell said he asked Sen. John Cornyn to negotiate with Senate Democrats.
  • A group of five Democrats and three Republicans had a meeting on Thursday to lay out a plan for negotiations.  

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has asked Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) to negotiate with Democratic senators on a “bipartisan solution” to curb gun violence.

McConnell told CNN that he encouraged Cornyn to talk to Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) “and others who are interested in trying to get an outcome that’s directly related to the problem.”

“And so I am hopeful that we could come up with a bipartisan solution that’s directly related to the facts of this awful massacre,” he said.  

McConnell noted he’s interested in coming up with legislation that will directly address the circumstances of the Texas school shooting and does not advance the Democrats’ agenda.

Since the shooting happened in Texas, Senate Democrats had expressed their interest in having Cornyn as the point of contact for negotiation. Cornyn has shown willingness and compassion to work with Democrats on previous similar issues.

Senate legislators of both parties held small-group discussions to gauge bipartisan support for the passage of bills following the Texas elementary school shooting.

However, any gun-related legislation would require 60 votes to pass the Senate.

On Thursday, Senate Republicans blocked a bill that would have created new federal offices focused on domestic terrorism.

The vote on the bill was set by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in response to a shooting in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, where the gunman fatally shot 10 Black people.

O Thursday, a group of five Democrats and three Republicans had a meeting in the Capitol to begin the layout for negotiations, focusing on expanded background checks and red flag legislation.  

Sens. Murphy, Sinema, Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) and Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) attended the meeting.

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) was in attendance via phone.  

Source: The Hill

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28 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell gives go signal to negotiate with Democrats on gun law

  1. If these RINO’s compromise any more we’ll LOSE our 2nd Amendment and never get it back. Period. This will open the door for more compromise on our 1st Amedment rights (which is happening as we speak). Why is it that they don’t know (or understand) the definition of “Shall Not Be Infringed”?? We need to thow out ALL these communist, fasist, anti-Constitutional, anti-American pukes, post haste!!!

    1. You are exactly right sir. I do not know how shit in the neck McConnel ha stayed in there so long.

  2. Best scenario: Lawgivers Realize that laws (like gun-free zones, disarming citizens, red-flag ‘pre-cog’ laws, background checks, and stupid “being-criminal-shouldn’t-be-a-crime” and “violence-won’t-happen-here-because-911-sometimes-works-within-minutes-of-IT’S TOO-LATE-NOW”) are ALLOWING the actions of Psychotics to be promoted on MSM, merely without using their names. Not a comforting thought, but by not enforcing existing laws, FEAR, not comfort, is the easiest method of control.

  3. McConnell has been a fence sitter his whole career. It is easy to blame a inanimate object for societies failures. I hope the stories reported about the police officers being to cowardice to go help those helpless kids in false but the recording’s I’ve seen proves they are just that. They should all be fired if they can’t keep the oath we take with the job.

    1. Tex – nope NOT a fence sitter – his apt nickname is ‘post turtle’ – he’s up there and can see all around but has no clue how he got up there nor how to get down. If he were on the fence he could only fall off one side or the other and at least we would know where he ended up. My guess he is so enamored of his position that he will continue to cling to his post and give no regard to what the left side does. His willingness to compromise with them is ample proof of his real intentions.

  4. I hope McConnell is voted out of office or replaced by someone that will stand up for AMERICA for a change….he is a flip-flopping rino and has ALWAYS been so….he gives into the liberals and never seems to notice they NEVER HIVE SN INCH ON ANYTHING !!! 😡

    1. Jimmy – IIRC he got re-elected in ’20 so we are stuck with him for another four years. He – and all of the other rinos – are far too willing to ‘compromise’ with the left – and STILL haven’t figured that what they really are doing is simply giving the left everything that they want. I’d challenge any of them to name a single thing that the left has ‘promised’ to give to We The People and actually delivered. Bueller?

  5. if demoncrats had the answers to gun violence, chicago and oakland would be paradise.

    1. kurt – oh they have an ‘answer’ – leave the criminals and crazies alone because they already know (and have even admitted) that they will do crimes and crazy things regardless of existing laws. What they want to do is restrict and/or lawful gun owners. They will continue to do so.
      You do know that there are some 20,000+ ‘gun control’ laws already in existence – and yet as you pointed out, some of the most restrictive cities have the worst ‘gun violence’.

  6. Mitch is like that… He can be a pain in the butt but alot if times he’ll pull his head out and come through in the last minute; Especially if he sees how he can come up on top of the winning side.

  7. As someone else posted, how come when a car or truck runs someone down and kills them, it’s the driver’s fault; yet, when someone is shot, it’s the gun’s fault?

    1. You’ll never convince a retarded liberal democrat the relevance to that sort of rational logic.

  8. It’s what happens when the msm and the left make martyrs out of career criminals it emboldens the these murderers , rapist and pedophiles. Chicago, Oregon, Washington DC. are all democratic cities that have the strictest gun laws in the nation but gun crimes continue to climb. Why? Because they release these criminal minded people and pat them on the back and tell them you been forgiven because you were raised to be a criminal. How the hell does that help curb crime? Well it’s going to take 60 votes to amend the 2nd amendment and the senators and the house members that vote for it should be published and ran out of office this election. We lose the 2nd amendment there will be blood on their hands if they try to remove guns from law abiding citizens.

  9. Remember next time when Beijing Mitch is up for re-election. on how RINO Mitch Sold out law abiding gun owners to the liberal commie Democrats. The guns are taken away America is going to wind up like Socialist Europe and Communist China. Kiss ones Liberties and Freedoms goodbye. Ones Democracy will be decided on what this inherently Corrupt Govt., says it is, not some piece of paper called the U.S. Constitution. Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe, states, the 2nd Amendment isn’t absolute, and neither is Corrupt Quid Pro’s life. We all have to go sometime, some faster than others. It’s time to get Mitch involved in a primary for his senate seat. Get rid of all the RINO’s

  10. Funny ‘not’ how it’s always about passing more laws to take away Citizens Rights to defend themselves and never actually do anything to go after the criminals. You know like how the one was let out of jail on $25,000 bail and able to go back to work with an ankle monitor. The justice system is for crap at doing what it’s supposed to be doing. It’s all about destroying America while filling their pockets with Tax Payers Money and taking payoffs from globalist pushing their agenda. Also funny is how it’s never them that get shot Wich makes the question come up is it them that planned and or paid for it to happen just so they can say – see this is what we need to do for public safety. Just to push their agenda while standing on the bodies of the dead. They always have a speech ready to go minutes after it happens..

  11. The only effective method to stop these mass shootings is to eliminate or contain mental instability. That will never be accomplished as long as the Democrats preach their woke agenda. They teach children that old people are all racist and should be exterminated. They teach children that its OK to be gay, its OK to be a trany, its ok to destroy property to get their way, its OK to join radical Obama BLM protests and terrorize the public. This indoctrination of young minds even makes normal minds of children become radical and irrational. It makes mentally challenged or retarded minds of children totally confused. So, when a mentally unstable child flips out and kills people, why do democrats refused to admit they caused that kids irrational behavior? A mentally retarded mind remains a child until it dies. The young man who shot up the texas school was not a young man, he was still a child with a confused mind. This country cannot afford to let confused minds to have complete freedom. Confused minds that show any violent behavior are especially disastrous, and that includes BLM retards and their instigators. The only effective control of confused mental disorders is containment in mental facilities, but the liberal retarded Democrats insist everybody deserves to be free and permitted to do as they please. But yet when a mentally retarded child flips out and shoots a shtload of other children, the Democrats blame guns. It’s so idiotic, but you have to consider a liberal democrat is a retard.

  12. anybody that trust that snake is a idiot. we will lose our RIGHTS to own and bare arms, with that Coward.

  13. “Gun Right ” is an AMERICAN TRADITION! Without that needed GUN RIGHT, America might never be in excistence as SHE IS TODAY! However, it is NECESSARY to legalize a set of QUALFICATION RULES BEFORE A GUN COULD BE SOLD TO ANY BUYER!

    1. A. – those ‘qualification rules’ already exist – there are over 20,000 ‘gun control’ laws already on the books. The murderer in Uvalde and the one in Buffalo passed background checks and were old enough to legally purchase the guns they used. Please list a single new law that would have stopped them while not causing undue hardship on others. I’ll give you one example: waiting periods. They do NOT prevent crimes, they merely (at best) delay them. Caroline Bown is unavailable for comment.

  14. If the Dcraps and Rino’s try to take our guns, all they will get is a bloody civil war!
    Stand by and stay vigilante patriots- compromise with Marxist Dcraps can NEVER end with the advancement of freedom and liberty. It MUST end in tyranny!

  15. It’s not the guns that kill the kids, it’s the hatred that the schools foment by turning the kids against each other on the basis of race and gender, teaching hate classes, teaching kids about CRT and gender hatred. After that, shootings begin at the school.

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