Resurfaced video shows late John McCain accuse Rand Paul of ‘working’ for Putin


  • A video of the late Senator John McCain, accusing Senator Rand Paul of “working for” Russian President Vladimir Putin, has resurfaced.
  • The video was posted by the political action committee VoteVets.
  • The clip resurfaced after Paul asked Secretary of State Blinken about the U.S. support for Ukraine to join NATO.

A video of the late Senator John McCain, accusing Senator Rand Paul of “working for” Russian President Vladimir Putin, has resurfaced. The video was uploaded by the political action committee VoteVets on Twitter on Tuesday.

In the March 2017 clip, the late Arizona Republican slammed the Kentucky lawmaker for contending that the U.S. backing Ukraine to join NATO influenced Russia’s invasion.

VoteVets captioned the video: “Just a reminder that John McCain called out Rand Paul nearly a decade ago as a Russian asset. He was then, and he is now.”

McCain said Paul “has no argument to be made. He has no justification for his objection to having a small nation be part of NATO, that is under assault from the Russians,” referring to Montenegro. “So I repeat again, the senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.”

The accusation came after Paul blocked a bipartisan Senate effort to approve a treaty allowing Montenegro to join NATO.

The next day, Paul responded by saying McCain served in the Senate too long. “You know, I think he makes a really, really strong case for term limits. I think maybe he’s past his prime; I think maybe he’s gotten a little bit unhinged.” McCain died the following year.

Paul then explained Montenegro’s small size and the relatively insignificant military as the reason for the holdout.

“Adding a country with fewer than 2,000 soldiers to NATO is not in our self-interest. There is no national security interest that an alliance with Montenegro will advance. If we invite Montenegro into NATO, it will be a one-way street with the U.S. committing to defend yet another country,” Paul told Time.

The Senate ultimately passed the treaty with Montenegro, with 98 to 2 votes. Paul and GOP Senator Mike Lee of Utah voted against it.

McCain’s video resurfaced last week after Paul asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken about the U.S. support for Ukraine to join NATO.

“Knowing full well that Ukraine was unlikely to ever join NATO, since it had already been 14 years since they said they were going to become members, why was it so important last fall—before this invasion—to continue agitating for Ukraine’s admission to NATO?” Paul asked Blinken during a Tuesday Senate hearing.

Blinken responded, saying: “These are sovereign decisions for European countries to make and, of course, for the NATO Alliance to make in terms of making sure that a country that wishes to join actually adds value to NATO.” Referring to Russia, Blinken said that “one country can’t dictate to another the choices it makes about with whom it allies, its foreign policies.”

“While there is no justification for Putin’s war on Ukraine, it does not follow that there is no explanation for the invasion,” Paul continued. “You could also argue that the countries that it has attacked were…part of the Soviet Union.”

The Soviet Union was officially dissolved in December 1991. Ukraine has been independent, free of Russia’s control since August 2021.

Source: Newsweek

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19 thoughts on “Resurfaced video shows late John McCain accuse Rand Paul of ‘working’ for Putin

  1. Not surprising, and how many politicians are working for the Communist Chinese besides Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe?

  2. McCain was a RINO who was, as Paul suggested, unhinged. His hysterical opposition to Trump was proof.

  3. We as a sovereign nation,need to take care of our own problems like our southern border before we fiddle around with on other Nations woes.

  4. The simple fact is that NATO should have been disbanded in 1992 when the Soviet Union was finished and the Warsaw Pact was disbanded. The U.S. should have packed its military equipment and left Europe to the reforming nations to decide what their governance and economic and military alliances would be. The U.S. has no interest, other than economic (a very poor reason), for maintaining the alliance. With respect to Ukraine, we have no interest, whatsoever. We had no interest in Iraq or Afghanistan, either, and while there was the justification of 9/11/01 to go after Al Quaida, Afghanistan with hi-tech weapons, (no boots or personnel on the ground), there was no proven reason to have devastated Iraq. The U.S. has, always, had the ability to mine, manufacture or, otherwise, produce all of the supplies of its basic needs. Certainly, we have, always, had the ability to grow all of our own food stuffs. Government policies have been stupid, to put it forthrightly, with respect to farmers being paid to not plant or to plant crops that government determined to be purposeful to a globalist agenda. What is needed is a return to self-determination by the people of the U.S. as to what is in their best interest, domestically, to do or grow or mine or drill, etc., to sustain our prosperity as a nation. The goals of the globalists are not our goals and they will only be able to effectuate those goals by controlling elections and claiming that they were fair and, accurately, represent the will of the American citizenry. If you, still, believe that the election of 2020 was fair, honest and accurate, the Democrats have a nation to sell you.

    1. Although you articulate your opinion well, it lacks credibility in the sense that you present no facts to support your idea of a globalist agenda and no proof the election was stolen through fraudulent means. Your last comment about the Democrats selling you a nation is immature, at best. There is no legitimate proof to your claim. Trump supporters and their legal teams have had countless opportunities to provide proof to the court systems, state election boards as well as any other means, yet they have always fallen short of providing any proof of widespread voter election fraud. This pivot and distract way of presenting your opinion as facts is easily discernable by a person with half a brain.

      1. This pivot and distract way of presenting your opinion as facts is easily discernable for a person with half brain.

        Thank you for letting us know your brain is half gone.
        There are mountains of evidence that fraud was committed. Just because spineless political POS’ refuse to look at it does not mean it did not happen. If you really believe that Biden got more votes than Obama I have some waterfront property in Arizona that I’m selling for cheap. Evidence – voting machines connected to the Internet, vote switching on live TV during the election, phony ballots proven by AZ audit and Jovan Pulitzer, ballot box stuffing thanks to money from Zuckerberg – see 2000 mules, Sec of States unconstitutionally changing the rules for ballot collection, security video showing people working after sending everyone home while they continue to run ballots through machines over and over again, dead people voting, 1000s of people from one address voting, sworn avadavats from election workers that chain of custody was missing on boxes of ballots, avadavats that election workers were not allowed close enough to actually see what was happening, magic markers given to repubs to spoil the ballot while dems were given ink pens, ballots turned in with no matching signature. This is only a small listing of cheating tactics. If there was a way to cheat it was utilized by the dims.
        I would like to know what you consider ‘no evidence’ with your half a brain.

        1. Here, here!

          As for McCain, he was an unusual man who was felt to endanger fellow military comrades, as stated by those comrades. He also carried the Clinton arranged and paid for Steele Dossier from Great Britain, delivering it to next destination in US so they could continue the hoax and attack on Trump using false info.

          The 2020 fraud states need to DECERTIFY their electoral votes and award the Presidency back to rightful winner, President Trump. He won by a landslide, covered up by “narrow margin wins” in just enough states to put the worst presidential candidate in history into the position. 30,000-50,000 attendees at rally vs a bumbling man with ZERO to 18 attendees. It’d be laughable if not so horrendous. Contact your state officials and national Reps and Senators and get this election mess corrected. America should not be forever harmed or destroyed by these fraudsters embracing Socialism and Communism and massive cheating to do so.

        2. I agree 100%. There was fraud from beginning to end, the dems changed voting laws very quietly and got mail in ballots because of covid, a stupid excuse! People were out with dumb masks on. That what 2000 mules will show. Yep, Trumps team got turned down by the courts but then again, they NEVER got the opportunity to even show the evidence. Had there been honest, unbiased judges, it would have been a different turnout. To even think that the 2020 election was not stolen is ridiculous, there is too much evidence to the contrary. An that idiot of SOS from Georgia, did you know his brother is on no admit to USA, that he lives and works in China, and Raffensperger and Kemp were both wined and dined by Chinese leaders! The SOS was shown voter fraud immediately and he went and did ballot count himself?? REALLY?? He counted the ballots only none had the envelopes with signatures, so all he counted over and over were illegal ballots which was shown with the audits but he still did nothing. He also changed some voting laws with a signed deal with Abrams that was illegal, but he or she are not in jail, YET!

    2. You’re right we should have left Europe after WW2 instead of spending billions defending them when they weren’t willing to pay for their own defense. To this day they don’t pay anywhere what they should be paying for their own defense.

  5. McCain was a rino publicity hound. He was a sure sign of term limits.

    1. HE wasn’t just a rino he was a full blown democrat and they only reason he left the democratic party was at that time a democrat couldn’t get elected in Arizona. He was about as worthless as Biden.

  6. There is a difference between not voting for something because it doesn’t serve OUR interests but increases our obligations, and serving A dictator. Rand Paul is able to separate these 2 things. This was back before Trump forced NATO countries to pay their NATO bills. Afterall, they are the ones who benefit from NATO, not us. Why were we footing the bill for it? I am sure its another thing the Biden admin killed and we are probably paying more than ever for NATO. McCain might have been a war hero (being captured and surviving) but that didn’t make him smart. He was part of the swamp, just like all the other RINOs out there.

  7. you’d swear we wee back in the 6 0’s. with all this russian crap. look people, check under your beds, there might be a commie there. oh my, everyone except the democrats are commies, lordy,lordy, we are all going to die now. man, give it up will you idiots.

  8. I think that one should speak about the dead either well or nothing at all! Why disturb the dead? – Even if he was wrong. But this is not fair, because now he will never be able to say anything in his defense.

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