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The Power of Perseverance: One American’s Journey to Success



What You Need To Know!

  • The American people are yearning for hope but are being sold the “drug of victimhood and the narcotic of despair” by the radical Left.
  • Despite challenges, the author has never lost hope and believes that the American Dream is still alive and well.
  • The author encourages Americans to choose greatness instead of grievance and strife.

The author of this piece believes that the American people are in need of hope. They argue that instead of being nurtured and shared, hope is being suffocated by a message of victimhood and despair from the radical Left.

The author believes that the American Dream is still alive and well and that it needs to be brought into the light.

The author shares their own experiences of growing up in poverty and moving around frequently. Despite the challenges they faced, they never lost hope.

The author’s family taught them the power of prayer and hard work, and the author believes that their success is proof that there is no ceiling in life.

Ryan Johnson / CC-BY-SA-3.0

The author argues that the story of America is not defined by its original sin, but by a story of redemption that we have all experienced in some fashion.

They believe that the best is not behind us and that opportunity continues to expand, even if our politicians do not see it.

The author encourages Americans to embrace the fabric of our nation and choose greatness instead of tearing it apart.


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