Autopsy reveals Tyre Nichols died from ‘extensive bleeding’ after encounter with police


  • An independent autopsy found that Tyler Nichols died from “extensive bleeding caused by a severe beating.”
  • Lawyers for his family say he was pummeled like “a human piñata” non-stop for three minutes and was kicked and tasered during a traffic stop.
  • The Memphis Police Department has fired five officers after an investigation.

Attorneys representing the family of Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old Black man who died after an encounter with police in Memphis, Tennessee, said Tuesday that an independent autopsy they commissioned found that Nichols suffered “extensive bleeding caused by a severe beating.” The full findings of the report were not made public.

Attorneys Ben Crump and Antonio Romanucci said in a statement that the autopsy was performed by “a highly regarded, nationally renowned forensic pathologist.”

“Further details and findings from this independent report will be disclosed at another time,” the statement said.

Nichols died on Jan. 10, three days after he was involved in a traffic stop with members of the Memphis Police Department. One day after the stop, police said that there had been a “confrontation” when officers approached Nichols’ vehicle. He then fled the scene before another “confrontation,” police said.

After Nichols’ family and their attorneys viewed bodycam footage of the incident, they compared it to the 1991 beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police. That footage is not expected to be made public until at least next week.

The family’s attorneys said Tuesday that the autopsy’s preliminary findings determined that Nichols’ observed injuries were “consistent with what the family and attorneys witnessed on the video of his fatal encounter with police on January 7, 2023.”

Nichols’ mother, RowVaugn Wells, said in a Tuesday interview that when she watched the video, “All I heard my son say was, ‘What did I do?’ I just lost it from there.”

Wells said she was unable to bring herself to watch the video in full, which she said showed Nichols being tased, beaten and pepper-sprayed. 

“I saw police brutality at its finest,” Nichols’ stepfather, Rodney Wells, told “CBS Mornings.” “I saw a helpless, young Black man being beat by several officers.”

At a press conference Monday, Romanucci said the bodycam footage showed an “unadulterated, unabashed, nonstop beating” of Nichols.

While no official cause of death has been released, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reported that on Jan. 10,  Nichols “succumbed to his injuries,” without describing the nature of those injuries. Police have said Nichols was hospitalized after complaining of “shortness of breath.” The Department of Justice has opened a civil rights investigation of the incident. 

On Friday, the five officers involved in the traffic stop were fired following an “internal investigation,” which determined that they had “violated multiple department policies, including excessive force, duty to intervene, and duty to render aid,” said Memphis Police Chief C.J. Davis in a statement.

Possible charges against the five officers will be announced next week.

Source: New York Post

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24 thoughts on “Autopsy reveals Tyre Nichols died from ‘extensive bleeding’ after encounter with police

  1. The real culprits are the people who “raised” this feral black male. Now, they want k’ching-k’ching. Incompetence rewarded, no?

    1. How on Earth did you come up with this most IGNORANT, DISGUSTING take on what happened…’re obviously very racist.. NO BODY DESERVES TO BE MURDERED BY POLICE….SHAME ON YOUR IGNORANCE….

      1. Hello, I posted my comment before reading yours. I just wanted to say we think alike. There is no justice to incidents like these, only sadness.

      2. He wasn’t murdered. He was violently high on crack and resisting arrest. Normal people would learn a lesson from this. Crack addicts and liberals aren’t normal people.

    2. Shame on you. Your racism shines in the worst of ways. It is no wonder the US is in such disarray. How can anyone take pride in behavior such as yours? Such disgusting ignorance you behold!

    1. Exactly…but I see a bunch of whiners commenting here about “racism” which is the typical whine. Had he behaved himself nothing would’ve happened so to those whining….grow up.

      1. Amen . Dont do anything dketch< like if a cop tells you to dtop upu stop, ya dont take off running like your guilty you wont get tased,sprayed and or shot. Funny how that works, dont f up and you wont be hassled, But then the breeding pair of this feral creature now see dollar signs, blm see a reason to burn and pillage and moron democrats will kiss a$$ to get the ghetto vote

  2. Here’s the Problem as the Old Adage goes: Two Wrongs dont make a right – He caused his own suicide. Had he not drove recklessly, had he not ran, they probably wouldnt have turned on him.
    On the other hand you have 5 Bullies beating one man to death that makes nothing right, not emotions or the badge

    1. In NYC it’s an every day occurrence for violent felon thugs to gang up people … especially elderly Asian females. It never makes the main stream news.

  3. Seems to me that even had he been resisting, FIVE overweight police officers should have been able to get him under control without beating him relentlessly

    1. have you ever had a fight with someone high on crack and speed? Maybe you should have given the officers a class.

  4. Fauci is responsible for the deaths of thousands. Not only is he still free but he’s actually rewarded for it. Biden sniffs little girls. And people made him president.

    1. I totally agree with you and would like to add, I didn’t see in the above news video any mention but someone insinuated he was high on crack and Meth which is probably why he refused to stop then continued on foot. Not complying with the officers gives them reason to do what is necessary to apprehend the young man, and yet it gives them no right to beat him to death, especially given the size of 5 men. Furthermore the media only states he was beaten by 5 policemen, failing to mention “5 BLACK POLICEMEN’. IF a young Black man was beaten by 5 WHITE POLICEMEN, you can bet the news would have emphasized the fact. If you’re going to always emphasize when a black man is killed by whites let’s be fair and mention when they’re killed by BLACK policemen lest the public always place blame on white’s only. The Black community now probably thinks it was another case of white on black rather than black on black. BIAS GOES BOTH WAYS. I can’t fathom why it would take 5 BIG Black policemen to subdue One young Black man, yet meth and cocaine can definitely affect the physical strength of the boy killed. However, at some point the beating they laid on him certainly was enough to subdue any man of any size.

      1. First of all, if there was misconduct, the officers should face the penalty. But, the family and the Media keep dredging up the Rodney King incident. I remember that as a current event. In 1991 police did not have body cams. Even then, the media went all in to make the police look totally racist and barbaric. Yes, officers piled on King, and finally abut six were on top of him hitting him with clubs. The rest of the story was in the first 45 seconds of the video. A couple national networks played the full video but most did not show the first 45 seconds. Police had pursued King’s car for several miles before hi finally stopped.
        In the first 45 seconds. King stopped his car. Ten seconds after the car stopped, two passengers got out. They obeyed police commands. They laid down with arms out stretched. five seconds later, King exited the car and advanced on the officers. He refused to obey commands to stop and lay down. As he advanced, officers tased him three times. Each time, he stood still for a moment, pulled out the leads and kept advancing. Pepper spray had no effect. The officers began to strike him with clubs and he just tossed the officers away from him. Finally, all six jumped on him and got him under control. King was so full of drugs nothing else worked.
        At the trial of the officers, even black people in the court room who saw the full video commented that the officers would have been justified if they had shot him.

    1. Who are these Royal A/holes that are spouting this hatefull, PREJUDICIAL CRAP ?WHICH PLANET DID U DROP FROM? WERE U FATHERED BY THE GODLESS TRUMP?

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