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Candace Owens Vows Not to Take COVID Vaccine ‘Ever’


  • Candace Owens said that she would not get the COVID-19 vaccine even if it could save her from death.
  • Owens is one of the most ardent anti-vaccine members of the media.
  • She sparred with former President Donald Trump last month during an interview discussing the efficacy of Covid vaccines.

Conservative pundit and talk show host Candace Owens stated that she would not receive the COVID-19 vaccine even if it would save her from dying.

Owens, 32, made the comments during a taping of her show Candace, and the clip made its way through social media platforms on Wednesday.

During the live taping of the show, Owens responded to a user on Twitter who questioned if she was truly unvaccinated, as she had claimed many times before. The question arose after a picture circulated of Owens at a UFC fight at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, which requires all attendees to be vaccinated per city law.

“I would say to the people, first and foremost, I am obviously unvaccinated…I am not getting this vaccine, ever,” Owens replied. “Never going to get it. I don’t care if I’m on my deathbed and they say ‘it can save you,’ I’m not going to get it.”

“I’m principally now opposed to [the vaccine], and I do not understand why anybody who is healthy, able-bodied, and young, would ever get this vaccine if you’re not at risk of COVID,” she said.

As the clip of her show continued, Owens then addressed her attendance at the UFC event despite being unvaccinated. She urged her viewers “not to visit the Madison Square Garden website, but to visit the New York City law website.”

“You better understand that every time the elites make laws for you there is a way that they can get around the laws that they’re making for you, and there are carveouts in New York City of when you do not need to prevent a vaccine card,” she said.

The New York Department of Health website does not appear to list any such carveouts that would allow Owens to get around a vaccine requirement. Current city guidelines state that “people 12 and older participating in the below public indoor activities [including visiting indoor arenas such as Madison Square Garden] are now required to show proof” they have been vaccinated.

Owens continues to become of the most ardent anti-vaccine members of the media. She made headlines last December when she sparred with former President Donald Trump during an interview discussing the efficacy of vaccines.

Despite Owens insinuating that the vaccines were dangerous, this sentiment appeared to be dismissed by the former president, who told Owens that “the results of the vaccine are very good.” He then added that “people aren’t dying when they take the vaccine.”

Source: Newsweek on MSN

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16 thoughts on “Candace Owens Vows Not to Take COVID Vaccine ‘Ever’

  1. Seems like Owens faked a vaccine card! Well I think that based on her staunch resistance to vaccines, the health community should respond with a staunch resistance to treating her if she gets Covid. Tit for tat.

    1. When you are involved in a car accident, I hope that your at fault. Imagine how that would work if the person at fault was denied medical treatment 😂

      1. Accidents are just that accidents but refusing to get vaccinated is completely different. You are refusing to help your self and puting others at risk.

  2. The final call of June 29,2021: articles of no vaccine: why we must not take their experimental covid19 vaccinations : warning and guidance from nation of Islam 🤔 covid19 vaccines: the drug pushers dream of profit and depopulation 🤔many interesting articles. Not vaccine.

  3. Thank God for her willingness to stand for her convictions. Somebody needs to explain to Donald Trump with the empirical evidence of the dangers of the vaccines. The Nuremberg Code of Ethics is clearly being violated! You cannot force people to take an experiment!! Especially one that does not work. Then at the same time you deliberately hinder treatments and potential cures that prove to be working from the public. This is a war against the citizens of the United States and the world by the New World Order. Most of the church still blinded by the deceptions!!!

    1. If you get covid I believe you should stay home inject bleach take hydroxychloroquine and plenty of ivermectin, You’ll be fine.

  4. It amazes me that the same sheep who insist for healthy food, go buy a watch that tracks their vitals and step count… Rush to be injected with well let be honest something the Government & Big Pharma dose not want you to know whats in it but they all so don’t want you to KNOW what the possible side effects are!!! Ever single person I know who died has had the poison injection. Do people even THINK at ALL ? Every drug you by every thing has a list of side of affects and whats in it EVERYTHING but now it not only not listed its been sealed away for 75 YEARS!! There a great reason for this THEY KNOW NO ONE WOULD TAKE IT not even the sheepest of Sheep! THINK . Why would you hide this data until most of the people who are on earth to day if not all will be dead ? THINK People. In your life time have you ever heard of any of this? Have you ever seen the Government bride , threaten, pay someone to put poison in their system EVERY ask your grand parents the ANSWER be NO because must of what they have done and continue to do is not only illegal its far from moral. Its against the Constitution and Gods word. So be it it my take is if you have taken it 1 time don’t a second , if you taken 2 don’t take a third and if you take a third well God be with you… Just imagine whats in those? Just wondering why they are hiding it from being released for 75 years what do they know they don’t want you to know… If it was not Bad why would they hide it for 75 years. Look the shots are the Virus and worse… Wake up THINK for yourself. The Media is the number one enemy of Good people and the real enemies biggest WEAPON for your sake don’t not investigate the number of people dying from these is scary and they need to get more wait till you know the real reasons. Pray & Unite Patriots for the WAR is being fought wake up and THINK !! God Bless.

  5. So Tom…Ahem, you say the Healthy population should shun her if she gets Covid…Who are the healthy People? The vaccinated that are dying or become very ill or the Fools who believe that instead of 1 vaccination that should have been enough we are now up to 3 and still they use the magic sidetrack Breakthrough reinfection, what does that mean Tom? It means no one is safe as the vaccines are now we are told by WHO to be ineffective and the only way to get rid of it is to be infected for antibodies with covid or its Variants. So Tom, when your Balls drop off or Your Brain melts down the Track who will help you when there is no help?

  6. The “vax” are all fast-track manufactured, & have not gone through the FDA guidelines. There is no such thing as a
    one-size-fit-all “vax” without side-effects, some more virulent than the virus itself. The CDC has not been truthful
    in presenting the data on the number of deaths after the “vax” was administered, & the Covid 19 infections according
    to research . Except every time the vax is mandated, inaccurate data is presented, convincing people through lies
    that it is the only alternative besides infection and death. The hyper-fear mongering when repeated over and over again
    by the media , sooner or later becomes the truth instead of the lie and manipulation of the correct information.
    Wise people do the research before they commit to any “health information” after all, “money” is the bottom of it all !!!

  7. Hooray for Candace! I fully AGREE with her stance. We need MORE courageous, and rational people to SPEAK THE TRUTH regarding everything to do with the Covid-and-TOXXINE FLIM-FLAM death-cult-in-the-name-of-Safety SCAM,..that evil-pharma-oligarchs,.. and their wicked and lie-lovin minions (like the commentor ‘Tom’ in these comments) are slavishly drinking the ‘kool-aid’ of a TOTALLY CORRUPT, bought-and-paid-for by Bill Gates, WEF, CCP, and other collaborating evil-doers. MANY are hypnotized by the Anti-Human LIE that is trampling medical freedom & integrity,.. crushing real science & moral truth,… and DESTROYING HUMANITY & HUMAN COMPASSION. All this is done in the name of ‘Safety’,.. but is a smoke-screen for waging WAR AGAINST GOD & HUMANITY!! You see hell’s demons speaking through the monsters, Fauci,… Gates,… Soros,.. Schwab,.. C.Venter,.. CDC,.. FDA,… NIH… CCP,.. Big-Tech,.. Big-Pharma,.. the Transhumanist Eugeniicists,. etc.. They think they are untoucable because of their Billions/? They are ‘MURDER-INCORPORATED! They will receive their just reward SOON enough! God is not mocked. JESUS CHRIST is returning SOON & VERY SOON!!

  8. So Tom. If we decide to not treat the person who caused a traffic accident, imagine how much money we could save. Just leave the person responsible for the traffic accident at on the side of the road to fend for himself, live or die

  9. Bravo Candice, you are a hero to thousands of
    Americans !!!!
    I think Biden needs to round up the illegals and
    Jab them and stop his BS towards the Americans that are a lot smarter than he and
    his Demonrat party are!
    The evil will be destroyed by God!!!

  10. Bravo Candace! I am one who was in a research program from 2014-2021 which insisted I not take anything that would alter my lipids. I checked with the pharma research team when the so-called vaccine was available and was told there was “no proof it would alter or not alter the lipids” and was advised NOT to take it, so I have not and will not! My personal feeling is that this whole nonsense will someday prove to be the biggest SCAM ever forced on We the People!

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