Gov. Andrew Cuomo and former Vice President Joe Biden

Cuomo could replace Biden as Democrat nominee, says former Clinton adviser


  • Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden could still be replaced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, says a former adviser to President Bill Clinton.
  • Dick Morris said that the governor’s recent good performance may earn him a nomination from a “write-in movement.”
  • But the governor has denied any plans to run for president or vice president.

Former vice president Joe Biden may be the current Democratic frontrunner, but he could still be replaced by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, says Dick Morris, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton.

In an interview with host John Catsimatidis on his AM 970 show, “The Cat’s Roundtable,” Morris said, “Biden thinks he has the nomination sewn up, but I’m not so sure. Cuomo has been doing very well with his daily press event. The heart-wrenching drama of him and his brother on the air really attracted vast audiences — a tremendous sympathy.”

“It’s perfectly possible for Cuomo to replace Biden as a nominee,” Morris said.

He explained, “Biden has about 1,200 delegates, but you need 1,900 to win the nomination. Most of the states have postponed their primaries.”

“And New York, with over 200 delegates, has postponed its primary until June 23, the last in the country. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I think Cuomo may have postponed it so that it increases chances. You could have a write-in movement for Cuomo,” he continued.

The governor has attracted more and more supporters following his efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic. In his daily press events, he briefs everyone of the state’s efforts, appeals to President Trump and other leaders for medical help and equipment, and sometimes shares folksy stories about his family.

The briefings also sometimes include interviews with his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who details his own struggles with the virus, which he describes as “the beast.”

Morris predicted that a poll between Cuomo and Biden could show the governor winning. He added, “Trump should think about that. Because Cuomo would be a very different order-of-magnitude opponent than Biden was.”

But the governor has denied any plans to run for president, saying this is not the time for politics.

He again refuted any claims of a presidential campaign in an appearance on CNN.

His younger brother had asked, “Let me ask you something. With all of this adulation that you’re getting for doing your job, are you thinking about running for president? Tell the audience.”

“No,” the governor replied, then repeated, “No.”

He has also denied any plans to be Biden’s running mate, despite the suggestion of some Democrats that he could add a jolt of momentum to Biden’s campaign.


Source: New York Post

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