Sen. Elizabeth Warren announces endorsement for Joe Biden [Video]


  • Former presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren has endorsed Joe Biden for president.
  • Warren declared that we all need a leader who is “committed to public service,” particularly “in this moment of crisis.”
  • She added that the nation will “need to do more than heal” and that “Joe Biden will lead a government that works for the American people.”


Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has finally announced her endorsement. On Wednesday, the former Democratic presidential candidate endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden in a 3-minute video.

Warren declared that “in this moment of crisis,” we all need a leader who is “committed to public service” like Biden.

She added that Biden has faced “unspeakable tragedy with fortitude and grace.”

“These experiences animate the empathy he extends to Americans who are struggling, no matter what their story. Empathy matters. And in this moment of crisis, it is more important than ever that the next president restores Americans faith in good effective government,” Warren explained.

Biden has received major endorsements in the previous days: former President Barack Obama and another former rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Biden responded to Warren’s endorsement in a tweet that read, “We are in a battle for the soul of this nation and I’m proud to have the fiercest of fighters, Senator @EWarren, on my side.

With her help, we’re going to beat Donald Trump and create a government that works for everyone — not just the wealthy and well-connected. Let’s do this.”

Warren acknowledged that she has had disagreements with Biden, but she added that her former rival will always “tell you where he stands.”

“And when you’re in the fight with Joe at your side, you know you have a partner who’s committed to getting something good done for this country. Joe Biden is a selfless public servant. He is committed to the fight for social, racial, and economic justice,” she continued.

She then criticized President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus response and remarked that Biden would do a better job now and in the future.

Warren said that Biden “knows that a government run with integrity, competence, and heart will save lives, and save livelihoods. And we can’t afford to let Donald Trump continue to endanger the lives and livelihoods of every American.”

She added that the nation will “need to do more than heal” after being “bitterly divided.”

Warren concluded, “We will need to rebuild and transform our country. Joe Biden will lead a government that works for the American people. And now, it’s up to all of us to help make Joe Biden the next president of the United States. Let’s get to work.”


Source: New York Post

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