FBI warns of armed demonstrations being set up at all 50 state capitols


  • An internal advisory from the FBI acquired by ABC News gave a warning that there will be an uprising planned allegedly by pro-Trump groups.
  • The FBI also received information showing the same group of people will violently respond if Trump will be removed from office before the incoming president Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20.
  • No less than 45,000 tips about the reported uprising are currently being reviewed by the FBI.

Beginning this week and going up to the Inauguration Day at the least, armed demonstrations are presently being laid out at all 50 state capitols, including the U.S. Capitol,  based on an internal FBI memo acquired by outlet ABC News.

The FBI has also got documents in the last few days about a group urging breaching the local, federal, and state government courts and administrative structures if ever President Donald Trump is ousted from the White House before Inauguration Day.

The said group is also reportedly targeting government agencies of each state on the Inauguration day of  President-elect Joe Biden, irrespective of whether the said areas confirmed electoral votes for Trump or Biden.

The memo also stated that the FBI has material about a known armed group planning to visit Washington, DC on January 16, warning that they will uprise if Congress tries to impeach the president by way of the 25th Amendment.

Sources from the law enforcement told NBC News that federal officers has instructed police forces to upturn their security levels across statehouses in the nation after the rioting incidence at the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday.

Following the storming of pro-Trump supporters at the U.S. Capitol, Democratic legislators in the House of Representatives responded on Monday with an attempt to make the Cabinet and Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment, which will proclaim that Trump is unable to do his presidential duties and would place Pence as stand-in president until Biden is installed Jan. 20.

The attempt was eventually stopped by West Virginia Republican Rep. Alex Mooney, and Democrats in the House then presented an article of impeachment against the president for the “incitement of insurrection” charge.

The resolution, which has co-sponsors of over 200 Democratic lawmakers states that Trump has shown that he will continue to be a danger to the security of the country, Constitution, and democracy if permitted to stay in office. The file also wrote that the president has presented himself as someone unsuited with the rule of law and sovereignty.

The FBI believes that about 29 personalities or individual social media accounts of those who illegally breached the Capitol had been recognized as of Sunday.

The FBI also gathered at least 45,000 digital material tips that the department is now scrutinizing.

The violence at the Capitol took the lives of at least five people, including Brian Sicknick, an officer from the Capitol Police. The FBI’s statement highlighted the death of Sicknick, citing he suffered from injuries while deployed at the U.S. Capitol breach riot.

Source: ABC News

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