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Female Commander Accused of Forcing Herself on Male Subordinates



The Skinny:

  • Col. Meghann Sullivan, the commander of the 5th Brigade Engineer Battalion at the 5th SFAB, is being investigated for alleged sexual assault and harassment against her male subordinates.
  • She allegedly kissed two male subordinates forcefully and grabbed one below the belt without his consent, and also faces accusations of sexually harassing several others.
  • Reports of sexual assaults within the military have increased by 13% from a year earlier, with the Army seeing a nearly 26% jump in such cases in 2021.

Col. Meghann Sullivan, the commander of the 5th Brigade Engineer Battalion at the 5th SFAB, is under investigation for allegations of sexual harassment against her male subordinates.

The commander is accused of assaulting two male subordinates by forcefully kissing them and groping one of them “below the belt” without consent. Additionally, several other subordinates have accused her of sexual harassment.

While male victims account for only 10% of sexual assault cases in the military, the number of male victims is likely much higher, as many cases go unreported due to stigma and fear of being an outcast.

In 2021, sexual assaults involving Army soldiers increased nearly 26%. Alcohol abuse may have played a role in the incidents, according to sources.

The engineer battalion at the 5th SFAB is composed of teams of engineers who advise allies in various Indo-Pacific countries like Japan, Mongolia, and Thailand. Sullivan, who became the first woman to command a Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) in June 2021, is still in her position.

She did not return requests for comment from, the publication that broke the story.

Sexual harassment and assault in the military are major issues that have been ongoing for decades. The Department of Defense has implemented policies to prevent and address these issues, including training for soldiers and stricter punishments for offenders. However, these efforts have not eliminated the problem entirely.

Sexual harassment and assault erode morale, decrease trust, and can lead to PTSD and other long-term effects on victims. It is imperative that the military continue to work towards creating a safe and respectful environment for all soldiers.




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    May 3, 2023 at 1:35 pm

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