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Homeowner Fights off Car Thieves in Dramatic Brawl [Video]



The Skinny:

  • Home surveillance video captures a Connecticut resident’s intense battle with four car thieves who attempted to steal his car.
  • The homeowner fought off the brazen thieves single-handedly and prevented them from taking his vehicle.
  • Rocky Hill police praised the resident’s bravery but also warned that intervening in such incidents could be dangerous.

In a dramatic incident captured on home surveillance video, a Connecticut resident fought off four would-be car thieves who attempted to steal his vehicle from his driveway. The footage, released by police in Rocky Hill, shows a man entering the parked car, only to be dragged out by the resident moments later. The two men engage in a violent struggle as the homeowner prevents the thief from stealing his car.

However, the battle quickly escalates as three more thieves join in the attack, including one who kicked the homeowner several times in the head and chest. Despite the outnumbered and overpowered position, the much-taller resident lifts one of the attackers into the air, sending a clear message of deterrence. The commotion attracts attention, and a woman’s voice can be heard screaming for the police. The thieves flee the scene, and the homeowner is later treated for injuries at a hospital.

Rocky Hill police praised the resident’s bravery in fighting off the would-be thieves but also issued a warning about the dangers of intervening in such incidents, as the suspects may have weapons. They urged citizens to call the police and let the authorities handle the situation.

It is unclear whether the thieves have been apprehended, but the surveillance footage may help in identifying and prosecuting them. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of home security measures and the need to be vigilant against crime.

source: NY Post

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