Reproductive rights groups plan nationwide rallies on May 14

Reproductive rights groups plan nationwide rallies on May 14

  • Progressive and reproductive rights groups are organizing a nationwide day of action on May 14, called “Bans Off Our Bodies.”
  • The coalition aims to push back against the leaked SCOTUS opinion that plans to overturn a landmark decision that legally protected abortion rights.
  • Four anchor marches will be held in Washington, D.C., New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, as well as hundreds more events in other cities across the country.

Several rallies have erupted outside the Supreme Court and all over the country since a leaked draft opinion revealed plans to overturn the landmark case of Roe v. Wade, which legally protected abortion rights.

Protesters gathered outside the high court mere hours after Politico‘s report on the leak. The following days saw even more demonstrators as well as rallies in several other cities, such as New York, San Francisco, Boston, Denver, and St. Louis.

On Wednesday night, an eight-foot fence was installed around the Supreme Court building amid continuing protests.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s executive director, Kelley Robinson, said, “People are fired up. Within hours of this draft opinion coming out, a thousand people were on the steps of the Supreme Court. Then the next day, hundreds of thousands of people showed up in their communities at federal buildings and at the Supreme Court to protest this news.”

A “massive” day of action for May 14, called “Bans Off Our Bodies,” is now being organized by several progressive and reproductive rights groups, including Planned Parenthood, UltraViolet, Women’s March and MoveOn.

The organized protest will include four anchor marches in Washington, D.C., New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, as well as hundreds more events in other cities across the country. “No matter where you are, there’s somewhere for you to go,” Robinson said.

The coalition aims to push back against the planned ruling that would effectively eliminate constitutional protections for abortion rights.

“We will be ungovernable until this government starts working for us,” Women’s March executive director Rachel Carmona declared on Thursday. “Until the attacks on our bodies let up. And until the right to an abortion is codified into law.”

The nationwide day of action “will be sending this message loud and clear,” she added.

Organizers are still working out the schedule of events but will release it shortly. Carmona said that a rally will likely kick off at 2 p.m. in D.C., followed by a march.

Source: The Hill

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16 thoughts on “Reproductive rights groups plan nationwide rallies on May 14

      1. “They’re never happy unless they are making someone suffer” – there FIFY.

  1. You left out how liberals are fire-bombing buildings and making threats… how convenient.

    1. Most Christians know that this is not about politics. “Woe to them who call good, evil and evil, good.” This was the warning from the prophet Isaiah. Now black is white, down is up, truth is false, and falsity is truth. This can only end one way. The people of the world are choosing sides. “Come now, and let us hear the conclusion of the matter…”

  2. If they want their souls damed that’s on them. I refuse to pay for their inability to use birth control, just say no, or make their partner wear a rubber. Most are not raped,molested.

  3. Let these hellbound losers get their abortions……..but don’t make the taxpayer fund it any longer. YOUR choice, YOUR payment! It’s sad that all the losers that called Vietnam vets “baby killers” are all the ones advocating for babies to be murdered! Sick phucks!!!!!

  4. I’m sure the writer of this article is very proud of herself and the bullhorn she holds. Of course this is crystal clear just plain in our face obvious. Do some research reporting. Where are the counter protests? What is the tenor of those opposing these democratic socialist faciests. What is in the works to throttle this criminal behavior. If the sane do not see movement toward justice how can we not expect them to retaliate in kind.

    1. Since Roe V Wade is being overturned, it makes no sense for pro-life advocates to wage any counter-protests. Let the pro-choicers yell their hearts out and die of self-inflicted wounds on their altar of abortion. They’ll figure out soon enough that they wasted their time for nothing. We pro-lifers, on the other hand, have had to put up with this cleverly crafted piece of crap legislation for 50 years. The Blue states that want abortion will still be able to decide for themselves what, if any, limits to place on abortion in their neighborhoods. The states where the citizens want more strict controls will be able to choose what limits to impose in their territories. Pro-choicers will be their own worst enemy. God has given them plenty of rope, and they still insist on hanging themselves with it instead of grabbing hold of it as a lifeline (pun intended!).

  5. How about giving a man a break. If a woman decides to abort the baby man has no say. If the woman decides to keep the baby the man is responsible with no rights to provide for it. If a man is married to a woman in most states and she gets pregnant by another man, the man she is married to is considered the farther and responsible.

  6. I think most people are missing the point with the 600 lbs gorilla in sitting the corner, most of the liberal pro-choice activists “sheeple” who would have an abortion have been “vaccinated” with the experimental shot, that suppressed studies have found cause about an 80% miscarriage in pregnant women.
    They won’t need an abortion; they likely not carry the child to full term anyway, but it thin the gene pool over time of the progressives……

  7. I just din’t Understand the idiot women who can no longer reproduce ( due to age and menopause) and men who cannot have a baby, bieng so dead set on abortion! The ones who very loudly tout it have had their share of living children! Why didn’t they abort theirs? Any answers Piglosi? Lizzy warren? And the rest of you pious ghouls? And those men who “ claim” to be women? Disgusting creeps!

  8. You anti life people have a very sick value on life.A baby concieved is still a life.Figure out how not to get pregnant,it’s really not rocket science.

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