Senate Democrats open to giving Republicans vote on Title 42


  • Two prominent Senate Democrats say some of them are open to giving Republicans a vote on Title 42.
  • The Trump-era policy, which limits asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border, is set to end on May 23.
  • Senate Dems are floating a possible deal with the GOP in exchange for pushing a COVID aid package.

Senate Democrats have floated a possible deal to give Republicans a vote on Title 42 — a public health directive implemented by the Trump administration to allow the barring and expulsion of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Top Senate Democrats Dick Durbin from Illinois and Senator Patty Murray from Washington have said there was a growing openness to a deal with GOP senators on Title 42. The Biden administration is set to lift the asylum limits on May 23.

A possibility of a bipartisan deal would allow for Republicans to reverse the immigration policy’s scheduled termination and would also allow for the stalled $10 billion COVID aid package to push forward.

“Most of the Democrats are prepared — they know how they are going to vote,” said Sen. Durbin, the No. 2 Senate Democrat.

Republicans have raised concern that ending Title 42 will create a surge in border crossings. In early April, a group of Republican senators said they would stall the COVID aid package until there’s a vote to reinstate the border policy.

Durbin and Murray told Politico that a deal may be critical so that Republicans do not attempt to oppose other bills and legislative measures important to Democrats.

“I’m old-school. Amendments on the floor, it’s part of the assignment. And now we have people scared to death of all amendments on both sides. And I think that really is taking away from this place,” Durbin told Politico.

Republicans are not the only ones against the administration’s plan to end Title 42 as some Senate Democrats, particularly those from border states, are also opposed to the idea.

Democratic Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona told Newsweek last month that he had voiced his concerns to the White House about lifting Title 42.

“Well, there’s no plan right now, and that’s a big concern of mine. I’ve told the White House, ‘You don’t have a plan,’ and same thing with regards to the secretary of Homeland Security,” Kelly said.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked Tuesday if President Biden would agree with a vote that could possibly block the termination of Title 42 in exchange for votes on COVID funds.

Title 42 restrictions “should not be holding up funding that’s necessary to save the lives of Americans. But again, those are ongoing discussions in Congress at this point,” Psaki answered.

Source: Newsweek

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6 thoughts on “Senate Democrats open to giving Republicans vote on Title 42

  1. When the commie democrats start asking for help, beware!

    Dick Durbin is a two-faced creep.

    Senator Patty Murray is not any better.

  2. What is in the latest civic give away? The pandemic is ove.r! This appears as a vote buying scheme!

  3. Dick Durbin wants the GOP to agree with EVERYTHING the dems want to get safety for our border (Title 42). It further proves the dems want everything they want, and the hell with the country.

  4. Send them back to their country, no deals.
    Taxpayers do not want to pY for them. They need to fight to live in their country and not depend on another country to support them.
    America has its own problems at this time.
    They bring crime to our country and a economic crisis. They are a hardship on the American people.
    Send them back. They come to America to take our benefits and live off our government.
    Send them back for safety our our country.
    Do it.


  5. The Republicans need to think long and hard about this proposal! What else is bieng hidden in this deal? There is ALWAYS a catch, demonrats offer nothing for free, other than giving everything to the illegals and other countries! Just close the damned border, put troops there to enforce it until obiden gets off his arse and does his job! We do not need any more border jumpers here! As one post said, we rarely hear English spoken in the border states any more. And most of the rest of the u.s. as well. SEND THEM BACK, with the understanding if they try to come back in they will be dealt with harshly.

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