Texas Gov signs law restricting transgender youth in school sports


  • A Texas bill pursuing to restrict transgender students’ participation in school sports has been signed into law.
  • Gov. Greg Abbott signed the bill that will take effect in January 2022.
  • LGBTQ advocacy groups assert that the law is discriminatory.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill Monday banning transgender athletes from playing on public school sports teams that align with their gender identities.

The bill, which cleared the Legislature this month and affects elementary school to university athletics, will take effect in January.

Abbott did not immediately comment on the ban. Rep. Valoree Swanson, a lead sponsor in the state House, has said it is “all about girls and protecting them” in the state’s University Interscholastic League.

“We need a statewide level playing field,” Swanson said on the House floor this month. “It’s very important that we, who got elected to be here, protect our girls.”

Although student-athletes had been required to play on teams that aligned with the genders listed on their birth certificates, they could obtain court orders allowing them to change the gender markers and compete in interscholastic athletics.

Under the bill signed into law Monday, that option is no longer available.

Critics of the legislation have said that it is discriminatory and that its supporters haven’t been able to provide examples of transgender athletes’ competing unfairly in women’s sports.

In a statement Monday, Equality Texas, an LGBTQ advocacy group, said that if Texans “want to protect children, the goal shouldn’t be to prevent trans kids from participating in sports, but to give all kids the freedom to make friends and play without fearing the kind of discrimination many older trans people face on a daily basis.”

Source: NBC News

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7 thoughts on “Texas Gov signs law restricting transgender youth in school sports

  1. It is great that there is at least one state where the Governor and legislator’s are not intimidated by the sick, perverted citizens or organizations that represent them , there should be more elected individuals in every state willing to buck the seemingly never ending line of people who advocate for more and more perversions to be considered as normal behavior in our country!!!!

    1. want transgender in schools and other places? make them their own bathrooms, dont intrude on people who accept normality as the norm

  2. So today is the day Alec Baldwin goes to court on MURDER charges ?

    A SIMPLE note to his Defense Attorney – We All Know FIVE YEAR OLD CHILDREN who know better with how to handle a firearm SAFELY.
    I personally know HUNDREDS….

    Alec Baldwin both Should and NEEDS to be charged with a Minimum of Involuntary MANSLAUGHTER and sent to Prison.

    Both his Action and sheer Arrogance are a disgrace, but MONEY TALKS and our Paid For Judges and Political Whores will let him Walk – GUARANTEED

  3. If they need an even playing field, why not let transgenders play against transgenders. They can adjust numbers on the teams just like they do in areas having low population and small schools. That would not be discrimination as they would merely be treated like other small populations.

    1. I don’t know…..
      Personally I’d LOVE to see a male weight lifter with boobs make the National Women’s Soccer Team or even Gymnastics !
      Then to sit back and watch ’em Bitch that “it ain’t fair” and cry and piss and moan … That’ll teach ’em !
      You already have male bitches in women’s tennis with “Serena” and “Venus” Williams…. Where’s the outrage bitches ?

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