US government urged to end Title 42 after 53 migrants died in deadliest border crossing


  • Immigration advocates call for the Biden administration to end Title 42 after 48 migrants were found dead inside a trailer truck in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Five more migrants died in a hospital in what officials call one of the deadliest border crossings in recent years.
  • Title 42, which allows the government to turn away migrants seeking asylum in the event of a pandemic, was supposed to be lifted on May 23.

Immigration advocates call for the Biden administration to end Title 42 after 48 migrants were found dead inside an overheated trailer truck in San Antonio, Texas on Monday. Five more migrants died in a hospital in what officials call one of the deadliest border crossings in recent years.

President Joe Biden also said in a tweet that his “administration will continue to do everything possible to stop criminal smugglers from exploiting migrants.”

Immigration advocates told Insider that they are frustrated with the Biden administration for not doing more to end Title 42 — an emergency public health directive implemented by the Trump administration to allow the government to ban migrants seeking asylum because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to experts, Title 42 led to more cases of human smuggling across the border, resulting in injuries and deaths.

“Allowing Title 42 to continue and other egregious policies for migrants is racist, hypocritic[al], and deadly,” Patrice Lawrence, executive director of UndocuBlack Network wrote in a statement to Insider. “The migrants who perished in the truck in San Antonio, Texas should have been met with compassionate policies. They were not. They should be alive today and together with their loved ones. They are not.”

Title 42 was set to be lifted on May 23 but a Louisiana federal judge blocked the CDC from ending it. It still remains in place.

The US Customs and Border Protection said the highest amount of southern border encounters on record happened in April 2022. The Biden administration has turned away migrants under Title 42 at twice the rate of the Trump administration. However, advocates said there has been an increase in legalization for people who are already in the country.

Muzaffar Chishti, a senior fellow at the Migration Policy Institute, said the administration can do more by issuing a stay of the injunction, passing an executive order, and waiting for it to be challenged in court or following the procedural grounds stated by Judge Summerhays under the Administrative Procedure Act since removing the policy still has merit. 

While immigration advocates are frustrated with the Biden administration’s immigration policies, particularly with regard to people seeking asylum, Christi said the administration has been responsive to accepting Afghan refugees and extending Temporary Protected Status to Haitians and Cameroonians who are living in the US.

For people already in the U.S., the administration has stepped back on deportations and is accepting more green card applications than the last administration. 

Source: INSIDER.Com

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6 thoughts on “US government urged to end Title 42 after 53 migrants died in deadliest border crossing

  1. It is a shame that 50 migrants would die in an illegal attempt to smuggle them into the US. However, those deaths are a pittance to the deaths in the United States that are caused by deadly drugs smuggled into the US by criminals disguised as migrants. There are millions of deaths annually caused by illegal drugs coming from mexico that get smuggled into this country by “criminal migrants.” Opening the border to immigrants that haven’t been fully approved to cross is extremely ignorant in weighing the consequences. The Biden Administration pushes the open borded for bribery money! Your excuse as a citizen if you accept the policy is strictly blithering ignorance.

    1. The vast majority of gun violence in the United States is directly related to illegal drugs smuggled across the mexico border. To blame guns for gun violence is again an ignorant philosophy possessed by liberals who just can’t seem to put problems in perspective to analyze the root cause of a problem. Drugs will get across the border to some extent until this country cracks down hard on dealers and gangs that make their living selling them. Illegal drugs are this country’s number one cause of gun violence and overdose and suicide. An open border compounds the problem immensely. Ending title 42 causes chaos that distracts the border patrol from keeping the border more secure. Biden and any politicians that promote an open border in any way are bribed to do so and are completely apathetic to the problems it causes.

  2. I want to know the addresses of the advocates so the illegals could be sent to their homes to be taken care of!

  3. Now listen, in a few words the FDA has been warned that the current vaccines will not protect us against the latest variants of Covid. The vaccine makers are warning that they will not have a new vaccine until later in the year. We don’t need another lock down and we don’t need more Americans to die. In addition we don’t need more drugs coming across the border.

  4. I believe this incident of migrants locked in a truck and left has nothing to do with title forty two. The people that cargo them to the US or their destination are called coyotes. \they are paid thousands for each. |They were paid and they delivered. Then they left them there as they did. This is not the first time this has happened and it won[t be the last forty two law or not. this is what they do. the people coming know this too,, but they want to come regardless and hope and take this chance. sad but this is reality. Not all die this way some are just shot.

  5. It is about time somebody awakened the imbecile wokes in-charge of the Nation in Washington, DC.
    Instead of “the BORDER IS CLOSED” mantra of the baldy Mayorkas, it is about time he opened his eyes and move his office to the border. If his cognitive faculties are even a shade better than Biden’s, he should immediately call his partner in crime (HHS Secy Becera) to corral the illegal aliens invading the Nation and hold them at the border until such time as they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and other tropical diseases they are reintroducing into the Nation. He might also want to get other members of the Biden Cabal in DC to come down and help out, e.g., Transportation Secretary Buttigieg to enforce prudent flight operations, so that flights are not operated from the border to inland communities, but to countries in Central America and elsewhere in the World. Bring Secy Austin to justify his job as Secy of Defense and prove that he can defend the Nation at its border, rather than 10,000 miles away. Ask Milley to line up his Men/Women with orders to “SHOOT AT SIGHT” any individual attempting to defile our land. Lineup his personnel shoulder to shoulder from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean, if need be. Send the cackling VEEP/Border Czar to study the root causes in Central America and elsewhere, with instructions not to come back until such time as she has a solution that will stem the tide of an illegal invasion and an undeclared war.
    True, the collateral damage will result in the unavailability of illegal drugs for hard core addicts like Hunter and the Hollywood crowd. Cut the Demand side in the Nation and the Supply side can be controlled by Milleyites. Arresting foreign leaders, like Noriega and the recently brought former President will not help when our own President is a supporter of crime and criminal enterprise, rather than law and order. SHUT DOWN THE BIDEN CARTEL. NOW.

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