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Marianne Williamson launches longshot bid for 2024 Democratic nomination [Video]




  • Self-help author Marianne Williamson announced a bid for the presidency for the 2024 Democratic nomination.
  • She will be the first Democrat to challenge President Joe Biden.
  • Although unlikely to win, Williamson plans to campaign in early-voting states, including New Hampshire.

Self-help author Marianne Williamson has announced her candidacy for the 2024 Democratic nomination, becoming the first Democrat to challenge President Joe Biden. Williamson’s campaign kickoff took place in the presidential suite of Union Station in Washington, where she emphasized the importance of creating a vision of justice and love to override the forces of hatred and injustice. Williamson is expected to provide only token primary opposition to Biden, as national Democrats remain strongly united behind him.

Williamson plans to campaign in early-voting states on the 2024 election calendar, including New Hampshire. The state has threatened to defy a Biden-backed plan by the Democratic National Committee to have South Carolina lead off the nominating contests. Democrats and Republicans in New Hampshire have warned that if Biden skips the state’s unsanctioned primary and a rival wins it, that outcome could prove embarrassing for the sitting president, even if that challenger has no real shot of actually being the nominee.

In her speech, Williamson denounced “those who feel they are the adults in the room” and aren’t taking her candidacy seriously, proclaiming, “Let me in there.” She also criticized the free market “mindset” and corrupt political system that she said prioritized greed above all else “like an atomizer spray of economic injustice.”

Williamson’s 2020 campaign was best known for wanting to create a Department of Peace and arguing that the federal government should pay large financial reparations to Black Americans as atonement for centuries of slavery and discrimination.


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