Here’s Why Bill Gates Prefers Android Over iPhone


  • Bill Gates said in a recent interview that he still prefers Android over iPhone OS because he finds it more flexible and it’s easier for him to keep track of everything as some Android manufacturers pre-install Microsoft software.
  • According to 9to5Mac, Gates’ reasoning was a bit off, as iPhone users can download Microsoft apps from the iPhone’s App Store
  • The interview was about the Clubhouse App, a popular exclusive Apple app which manufacturers said will also be available on Android devices in the future.

In an online interview earlier this week, Bill Gates talked about his preference for Android over iPhone.

The interview’s highlight was about the Clubhouse App, an exclusive iPhone app as of the moment as an Android version is just on the way. Gates joined Andrew Ross Sorkin for the app interview.

The Microsoft founder talked about his Android use in the past, which led Sorkin to follow up if his preference for Android has changed given his interview for the iPhone-exclusive app.

Gates said that his preference hasn’t changed, but he still plays with iPhone to satisfy his curiosity as many of his friends are iPhone users.

The tycoon’s answer, though, wasn’t surprising given his history with Apple and Steve Jobs. Besides, he said that it’s also easy for him to keep track of things as some Android manufacturers pre-install Microsoft software. Gates added that he found Android phones more flexible, in which he is used to.

Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davidson joined the discussion and said that their company is working to make Clubhouse apps available to Android devices, but provided no further details.

Gates’ reasons, though, were found to be a bit weird by 9to5Mac as users can download Microsoft apps from the iPhone’s App Store. They can even adjust a default browser and email apps with iOS 14.

In a 2019 interview, MacRumors reported that Gates admitted that Microsoft’s wind-up with Android as the standard non-Apple phone platform was one of the greatest mistakes of all time.

The Apple-Android competition is somehow a public tech interest. The late Steve Jobs once said that his mission was to “destroy” Android, which for him was a stolen product.

Google tried to stay out of the issue at first, but Android allies like Samsung and HTC rode on the Apple vs Android war as part of their marketing efforts.

Before the open battle between the two mobile tech giants, there were other multiple platforms such as WebOS, Window Mobile, BlackberryOS, and Symbian — which were soon enough killed by Apple and Android, leaving the two companies in a close combat.

In the interview, Gates also talked about climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and Jobs, his late rival and friend.

Source: Tech Times

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