Hillary Clinton calls Justice Clarence Thomas a “person of grievance” since law school [Video]


  • Hillary Clinton told CBS Mornings‘ Gayle King that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been “a person of grievance for as long as I’ve known him.”
  • Thomas, who went to Yale Law School with Clinton, sided with the majority who overturned the landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade.
  • Clinton said the reversal would lead to the death of women: “Women are going to die.”

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton described Justice Clarence Thomas as a “person of grievance” during an interview on “CBS This Morning” with Gayle King. The former presidential candidate said she’s known Thomas since they were at Yale Law School together in the ’70s,

“I went to law school with him. He’s been a person of grievance for as long as I have known him,” Clinton said Tuesday “Resentment, grievance, anger,” she added.

Thomas, who agreed with the majority in a 5-4 vote in favor of overturning Roe, released a concurring opinion last week, saying “we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents” for rulings that granted people the right to birth-control access, intimate gay relationships, and marriage equality.

“He may be on his own, but he’s signaling,” Clinton said. “He has signaled in the past to lower courts, to state legislatures, to find cases, pass laws, get them up.”

Clinton argued Thomas was telling conservative judges and far-right state lawmakers: “I may not get them the first, the second, or the third time, but we’re going to keep at it.”

Clinton said, “Women are going to die, Gayle. Women will die,” referring to the consequences of the Roe reversal.

“I don’t care what political party or religion you are — the question is, who decides? Is the government going to be in your bedroom? Is the government going to be making these decisions? We’re only at the beginning of this terrible travesty that this court has inflicted on us,” Clinton said.

Justice Thomas’ wife Ginni has been criticized for her role in the events leading up to January 6, 2021, Capitol attack. The situation prompted critics to call for Thomas’ impeachment.

Source: Yahoo News

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16 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton calls Justice Clarence Thomas a “person of grievance” since law school [Video]

  1. Hillary Clinton has funneled this country’s taxpayers hard earned dollars into her own bank accounts numerous times while she was in office. She’s a snake in the grass that has no call to cast any stones at anybody. This country would be so much better off if her yap was sewed shut. Now, she wants to be president again. If she insists on working in the White House, we should elect her janitor and force her to scrub Monica Lowenski’s slobber off the walls that stained the Oval Office with Bill Clinton’s legacy.

    1. Hillary is a pathetic LEFT WING idealogue. Just how are women going to die? We know their aborted babies are going to DIE! Why is it so confusing to USE BIRTH CONTROL (both men and women), and for women, don’t open your legs if you can GET PREGNANT! And for men, use a condom if you don’t want to help pay for the abortion trip to another state. How do these women sleep at night after aborting their babies??? Is it not simpler to prevent getting PREGNANT??? And cheaper??? Oh, I forgot — it takes some some brains and enough brains to figure out that abortion should only happen after incest and rape, or a medical problem has placed the mother in jeopardy. Just some COMMON SENSE will do! Do you folks have any??

  2. If you are permitted to kill innocent infants, then Nobody should ever be charged with murder, period. If you don’t want to get pregnant, take precautions and don’t blame it on being a Dumbo.

  3. “Women are going to die”??? I thought they were she/her/hers/it. What kind of pronoun is woman?? Hitlary (Kankles), like all the other alphabet idiots and confused communist, fascist, criminal democrtat morons can’t even define what a woman is!!! Where’s that mop and bucket??

  4. OMG Hillary makes me sick to my stomach.
    WOMEN WILL DIE…..they take this whole mess out of context. Just need to have something to yell and protest about, doubt they even know what is in the decision. I’m sure for health matters of mother or infant, abortions would be available.
    Hillary wants abortions for the wrong reasons, don’t forget she won the Margaret Sanger award (so did Nancy Pelosi)
    Hillary also said “blacks just need to learn to heel” everything about this woman(?) says she will make a terrible POTUS!
    Chelsea runs the Clinton foundation, no wonder she has so much money. This is just another evil, corrupt, rich, privileged white family along with the Biden, Obama, Soros group that hate America. Obama bitch would make terrible POTUS also, I hear she’s thinking about it!

  5. Hillary is one of those elites that has been educated way beyond her intelligence. I think few will mourn the death of a few women who insist on some nutty abortion procedure. Happy to see that many children will live now that our Supreme Court has made a correct decision, although long over due.

  6. Even Hitlery’s vaunted (wrongly) intellect fails to see, but probably sees and lies about, is the R-v-W decision gets the government OUT of citizen’s bedrooms by putting abortion back in the state’s hands, not the federal government. And women are more likely to die from a botched abortion than carrying the baby to term. It’s ALL easy to fix, though…if you don’t WANT a kid, either have contraception, or don’t do what it takes to MAKE a kid.

  7. Clinton is a over zealous evil pig. Women will live longer, unless Hilary is there and willing to wild the instrument of death.

  8. How many woman die from having abortions? How many woman will die from not having a abortion? How many millions of babys have been murdered by abortions?

  9. Clinton is a fine one to call someone names. The most unlikeable, self-serving, despicable, person in politics,…..and that is saying something.
    If I were to make a list of people I would NEVER trust or turn my back to, she would be on top of the list.

  10. What hitlery clintstone says makes as much sense as an elephant passing gas upwind.She should spend more time trying to make willy billy happier.

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