Report: Trump calls Ron DeSantis an ingrate with a ‘dull personality’ [Video]


  • Former President Donald Trump has been trash-talking Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in private, according to a report from Axios.
  • Trump said DeSantis has “no personal charisma and has a dull personality,” as per Axios report.
  • Rumors swirl that Trump has also been angry about DeSantis’ not ruling out running for president in 2024.

Former President Donald Trump called Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis an ingrate in private.

Sources told Axios’ Jonathan Swan, Trump has criticized DeSantis multiple times behind closed doors.

“In the context of the 2024 election, he usually gives DeSantis a pop in the nose in the middle of that type of conversation,” said one anonymous source. “He says DeSantis has no personal charisma and has a dull personality.”

As per Axios, Trump goes out of his way during these conversations to say that he isn’t worried about DeSantis potentially facing him on the GOP nomination in 2024.

Another anonymous source reportedly told Swan that Trump was irked with the Florida governor for not publicly ruling out a 2024 presidential run. 

Trump has also said in private that he doesn’t understand what the “big deal” is for DeSantis to make a declaration that he won’t be running in 2024, saying: “Why won’t he just say he’s not going to run against me?”

The second source also told Swan that the former president was particularly annoyed over perceived ungratefulness from DeSantis, telling people in private that “there’s no way” that DeSantis would have been elected governor without his endorsement.

According to Axios, Trump has been keeping tabs on who has ruled out running in 2024. Several prominent Republicans have not publicly ruled out running in 2024, including former Vice President Mike Pence, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who said in December that he would run for president again “in a heartbeat,” and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who in recent months has become an outspoken critic of Trump’s fixation on election fraud. 

DeSantis is viewed as a prominent frontrunner to challenge Trump for the Republican presidential ticket. He is a favorite of Republican voters when pollsters remove Trump from the hypothetical 2024 field.

DeSantis said in October that he is not considering a presidential run because he’s “busy trying to make sure people are not supporting critical race theory.”

DeSantis also dismissed rumors that there is any tension between him and Trump. However, on the “Ruthless” podcast this week, he admitted he wished he’d been “much louder” in his opposition to Trump when he issued COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020.

Despite criticizing the Florida governor, Trump has not ruled out having DeSantis as a vice-presidential running mate.

Source: Axios

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  1. Trump or Trump clone, what does it matter, shmatop shmatop shmatop, shanuubi shanuubi, I’m shattered! I’m tattered!

  2. I dont believe this. Yrump isnt stupid and he is aware of how much conservatives like DeSantis . This reads likr liberal trash talk

  3. I don;t know if President Trump said these things or not as news media will not interview Trump BUT our Governor DeSantis is SUPER and we don’t elect on the basis of personality but he has a good bit of charisma with Floridians and I will vote for him if he runs. He is very Presidential. Just hope we don’t have to choose. Our state is the best thanks to Gov. DeSantis and our country was the best thanks to President Trump until they stole the last election from him and now look at the mess we have thanks to that robot in the White House.

  4. So when is this Democrat backed reporter from Axios going to show the actual video or audio of Trump saying these things? He won’t because it did not happen! Just another pay for play corrupt reporter trying to push false/fake narratives and create more hate and division.
    You know the old saying put up or quit spreading lies. Trump and Desantis have both stated this is same old fake news and lies.

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