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Jayapal Cautions President Biden, Urges Prudence in Backing Israel



Clear Facts

  • Rep. Parmila Jayapal, a Democrat from Washington State, warned President Biden to be “careful” about his support for Israel during an interview on NBC.
  • She emphasized the need for Biden to “call us to a higher moral place” as the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues.
  • Jayapal also criticized Rep. Dean Phillips’ decision to launch a primary challenge and expressed her support for President Biden.

Rep. Parmila Jayapal, a Democratic representative from Washington, issued a warning to President Biden regarding his support for Israel. During an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with Kristen Welker, Jayapal stressed the importance of Biden being cautious and called for him to take a moral stand amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Welker inquired about concerns regarding Biden’s support from Arab Americans and the potential impact on his chances of re-election. Jayapal addressed this by expressing her strong support for the President. She commended Biden’s courage and strength in addressing domestic issues, particularly his efforts to fight for the rights of average working Americans.

However, when pressed further on the potential weakening of Biden’s chances, Jayapal called for him to demonstrate the same level of courage on the issue of Israel. She acknowledged that the American people may be at odds with the President and Congress on the Israel-Gaza situation. While they support Israel’s right to self-defense and existence, they do not condone a war crime in exchange for another. Jayapal urged Biden to approach this issue carefully, emphasizing her personal relationship with him.

Jayapal also criticized Rep. Dean Phillips, a Democrat from Minnesota, for launching a primary challenge against her. She expressed confusion regarding Phillips’ platform and reaffirmed her support for Biden as the next President. In her view, Biden should strive to lead the nation to a higher moral ground.

The conversation shifted to Jayapal’s past comments about Israel being a “racist state.” She clarified that her intention was not to undermine the legitimacy of Israel’s existence but to highlight the presence of racists within the Netanyahu government and their discriminatory policies. Jayapal stressed the importance of being able to criticize the Israeli government’s actions without being labeled antisemitic and expressed concern that the conversation surrounding this issue is not helpful.

Jayapal concluded by stating that the responsibility lies with the United States, as they provide military aid to Israel. She called for a more critical examination of policies, recognizing the need for change.

Clear Thoughts

Rep. Parmila Jayapal’s warning to President Biden regarding his support for Israel raises important considerations amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. While it is crucial for the United States to maintain a strong alliance with Israel, it is equally vital for our leaders to adhere to a higher moral ground in their decision-making.

As Democrats, we applaud President Biden’s efforts to address domestic issues and fight for the rights of working Americans. However, it is important to acknowledge that the American people may have differing views on the Israel-Gaza situation. We support Israel’s right to self-defense, but we also believe in promoting a fair and just approach.

Rep. Jayapal’s call for caution and careful examination of policies is reasonable. It is not anti-Semitic to criticize the Israeli government’s actions or to question discriminatory policies. We must be able to engage in critical discussions without resorting to labeling individuals. Our responsibility as the United States, providing military aid to Israel, necessitates a thorough examination of our policies and consideration of potential areas for change.


President Biden should consider Rep. Jayapal’s counsel and navigate this complex issue with integrity. By doing so, he can demonstrate leadership and lead our country towards a higher moral ground.

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