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“That 70s Show” Star Sentenced to 30 Years Behind Bars



Clear Facts:

  • Former “That 70s Show” actor Danny Masterson is sentenced to a severe 30 years to life in prison on two counts of rape from 2003.
  • Heartrending victim impact statements exposed the profound trauma inflicted by Masterson, with one accuser declaring, “You relish in hurting women.”
  • All the accusers, including Masterson, are linked to the Church of Scientology, adding an additional layer of intrigue to the case.

California was rife with tension as actor Danny Masterson, famous for his role in “That 70s Show,” was handed a stringent sentence: 30 years to life in prison.

The decisive verdict stems from the conviction on two counts of rape that transpired back in 2003. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo minces no words, ensuring Masterson recognizes the gravity of his actions.

She was quoted stating, “Mr. Masterson, you are not the victim here. Your actions 20 years ago took away another person’s voice, and choice. One way or another you will have to come to terms with your prior actions, and their consequences.”

A poignant part of the hearing, reported by Page Six, saw all of Masterson’s accusers being granted the chance to present their victim impact statements. These heart-wrenching testimonies provide a stark window into the pain inflicted by Masterson.

Journalist Meghann Cuniff documented a woman proclaiming, “You relish in hurting women. It is your addiction. It is without question your favorite thing to do.”

Another victim lamented the theft of her spirit, saying, “When you raped me, you stole from me. That’s what rape is, a theft of the spirit.”

Expressing collective relief at Masterson’s imprisonment, she added, “The world is better off with you in prison.”

While the charges are undeniably severe, Masterson’s lawyer Shawn Holley argued for the actor’s character in court, according to AP, emphasizing his role as “an extraordinary father, husband, brother, son, co-worker, and community servant.”

The defense had initially hoped for a 15-year-to-life sentence with simultaneous run times, contrasting the prosecution’s successful pursuit of a 30-year-to-life verdict.


An intriguing subplot involves the Church of Scientology. Notably, all three accusers reportedly have affiliations with the Church, and Masterson is also a member, as revealed by Page Six.

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  1. Jonathon Swift

    September 9, 2023 at 7:03 pm

    This is NOT a real church! This was done by Rapist Bill Clinton when he gave into Scientology’s Blackmail years ago – as proved by Leah Remini! The leader of their cult is also a person who may belong in prison – where is his wife? He is a bully and a creepo! It has been alleged by others that they were raped by members of this cult and nothing was done about this. Is it any wonder that a member of this cult would do this?

  2. LMS

    September 10, 2023 at 7:29 pm

    I unfortunately was raped back in the 90s and I spent years dealing with it and finally decided I was not going to be a victim and put it behind me and got my life together. I am sure not going to spend years to finally get over it just to drag something back up!

    Sorry, these other victims are strictly after money now. Do you really think I want to come face to face again with the POS again just to have all that pain. Misery loves company? Not hardly! Get over yourselves, quit hanging on to the past and act like an adult! If I can do so can others!!!!!

    If it just happened that is one thing but fifteen years or more is flat out ridiculous. Just like Fjorn or that other cunt, Carroll, that actually sued Trump! Honey you didn’t even begin to go through what I and ithers did. We all can see a liar and you are that!

  3. Colony14

    September 10, 2023 at 7:43 pm

    “All the accusers, including Masterson, are linked to the Church of Scientology…”

    Masterson is NOT one of the accusers. The sentence should have been written as follows:

    “All the accusers, as well as Masterson, are linked to the Church of Scientology,

  4. Daniel Gray

    September 10, 2023 at 8:12 pm

    I will pray that none of the women were under aged. As if they were his days are clearly numbered. Prisoners absolutely hate rapists but what they hate and wont stand for are people who go after kids under the age of 18. Either they are placed in protective custody for their terms in prison (and even that does not always work) or they are made to be someones “bi-yatch” and are raped every night or “turned out” for some commissary (cup of soup/coffee/soda/candy/etc). When I was in the Military going TDY I had to do a duty station with the local chaplins and I helped council people going into and out of the prison on the military base. I can tell you stories that were told to me that would make your hair turn white and give your grandkids nightmares. In prison you are either predator or prey and if you are not willing to fight the moment the doors close, then you are the prey. This guy is going to be prey

  5. Al

    September 10, 2023 at 11:02 pm

    What ever happened to the statue of limitations?

    • CharlieSeattle

      September 11, 2023 at 6:22 am

      I think they call it The Statue of Liberty

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