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CEO Murder Suspect Flees After Spotting Himself on TV



Clear Facts:

  • Jason Billingsly, accused murderer of tech CEO Pava LaPere, fled after seeing himself named as the suspect on the news.
  • Billingsly, a convicted felon with a history of violent crimes, was arrested without incident at a train station after a citywide manhunt.
  • Pava LaPere, the murdered tech CEO, was the founder of EcoMap Technologies and had been featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

Suspected murderer Jason Billingsly, instantly recognizable after being spotlighted on the news as the “armed and dangerous” man connected to the brutal murder of tech CEO Pava LaPere, reportedly went into hiding.

Authorities disclosed that this 32-year-old convicted felon immediately deserted his location after realizing he was publicly named a suspect during a Tuesday press conference.

According to Baltimore police, the naming of Billingsly as a suspect in the murder of the 26-year-old CEO, spurred him to go on the run.

Billingsly, already under suspicion for a series of heinous crimes, including arson, rape, and the attempted murder of a family, became the focus of an exhaustive citywide manhunt, concluding with his arrest at a train station Wednesday night.

Acting Police Commissioner Richard Worley expressed, “As soon as the news conference happened the other day, he basically left the location where he was at. We did a search warrant at one location; he had just left because he saw the news conference.”

Jason Billingsly, a registered sex offender known for his violent criminal history, is now detained, facing numerous charges related to two alarming criminal instances.

It’s alleged that around September 22, Billingsly targeted LaPere, the esteemed founder of EcoMap Technologies. LaPere was reportedly discovered on the roof of her apartment complex, exhibiting signs of “blunt-force trauma,” with the Medical Examiner’s Office currently determining the precise cause of her tragic death.

LaPere’s prestigious background included recognition on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list and being a graduate of Johns Hopkins University.

The intricate details or potential connections between LaPere and her alleged killer were not revealed by authorities, but it was noted that there was no evidence of forced entry into LaPere’s apartment.


Her untimely and brutal death prompted the public disclosure of Billingsly as the prime suspect, although he had been under police surveillance for days relating to a previous, unmentioned incident.

Commissioner Worley conveyed that Billingsly had almost been apprehended before the Tuesday press conference but managed to evade the authorities, only to be subsequently arrested Wednesday evening around 11 p.m. without any struggle.

“We are going to put this violent individual, this repeat offender, back in jail where he belongs,” stated Worley.

The suspect’s criminal history is extensive, involving several arrests related to a variety of offenses, including second-degree assault and robbery. Billingsly had also been convicted of a first-degree sex offense in 2015, securing his release on parole in October 2022.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, reflecting on the swift actions of the authorities, sternly remarked, “It is very clear that this individual posed a substantial danger, that he had been noncompliant and was clearly violating the terms of his supervision after being released, and that alone should be enough to make sure that we keep him off the streets.”

The Mayor hopes this arrest serves as a stern warning to any individual contemplating similar violent acts, emphasizing the city’s zero-tolerance approach to such “cowardly, horrendous acts.”

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1 Comment

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