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Journalist with Governmental Ties Fatally Shot Inside Home



Clear Facts:

  • Josh Kruger, a 39-year-old journalist and former city government employee, was shot multiple times in his Philadelphia home.
  • Police suggest the motive might be a drug-related or domestic dispute, finding methamphetamine and concerning text messages in Kruger’s home.
  • Philadelphia has experienced soaring homicide rates in recent years, with over 500 homicides each in 2021 and 2022.

In a chilling incident, Josh Kruger, a respected journalist and former city government worker, was brutally shot and killed in his Philadelphia residence. The attack took place in the Point Breeze neighborhood, with Kruger suffering seven gunshot wounds around 1:30 a.m.

A distraught neighbor, Jaz Brown, recalled the harrowing aftermath of the shooting to CBS News. “Josh was calling for help and I called the police to make sure they’d come out for them,” shared Brown.

Sadly, despite being quickly transported to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Kruger’s injuries proved fatal, and he passed away less than an hour after his arrival, as confirmed by the Philadelphia Inquirer. The police investigation has unveiled that an intruder likely entered Kruger’s home, shot him at the base of his stairs, and then hastily retreated.

As detectives piece together this jigsaw, no arrests have been made, and the murder weapon remains unrecovered. Surveillance footage from Kruger’s rowhouse is currently under review.

Deepening the mystery surrounding this tragedy, law enforcement sources divulged to the Inquirer that the shooting might have roots in either a drug-related or domestic dispute. Further supporting this theory, investigators discovered methamphetamine in Kruger’s bedroom. Moreover, they came across “troubling” text exchanges between Kruger and a former partner.

Kruger’s illustrious career is remembered by many. Not only did he contribute to various newspapers and digital platforms, but he also played pivotal roles in the city’s government. He adeptly managed Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney’s social media channels and took charge as the Office of Homeless Services’ communications director. A vocal activist, Kruger championed LGBTQ rights and candidly shared his HIV positive status.

Mayor Jim Kenney expressed his deep sorrow, stating, “[Kruger] cared deeply about our city and its residents, which was evident in his public service and writing. Our administration was fortunate to call him a colleague, and our prayers are with everyone who knew him.”

However, this isn’t an isolated incident in Philadelphia’s recent history. Leftist District Attorney Larry Krasner reflected, “Josh deserved to write the ending of his personal story.”

Alarmingly, even though murders have decreased by 18% until October 2 of this year, Philadelphia has been grappling with record-breaking homicide statistics. Police crime data reveals that the city witnessed 562 homicides in 2021 and another 516 in 2022.


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  1. cliff

    October 3, 2023 at 6:58 pm

    Too much crap to see the site. Might be interesting but I won’t visit here again!!!

  2. Lou

    January 14, 2024 at 8:10 pm

    Remarkable,murders decreased 18% in 90 days.

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