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Durham Report: A Damning Indictment of the FBI’s Collusion Probe Against Trump Campaign



Knowledge Nuggets:

  • Special Counsel John Durham’s report concludes that the FBI should never have launched an investigation into the Trump campaign for alleged Russian collusion.
  • The report criticizes the FBI for its lack of analytical rigor, particularly towards information received from politically affiliated sources.
  • The report also highlights the biased approach of the FBI, which was quick to investigate the Trump campaign based on raw and uncorroborated intelligence but failed to investigate similar concerns relating to the Clinton campaign.

A much-anticipated report by Special Counsel John Durham released this Monday has sparked significant discussions, as it raises questions about the FBI’s conduct during its investigation into alleged Russian collusion by the Trump campaign.

The report condemns the FBI’s decision to open this investigation, suggesting it failed to uphold its mission of strict fidelity to the law.

Durham’s report, running 300 pages, emphasizes a stark lack of analytical rigor among senior FBI personnel.

This negligence was particularly evident regarding information from politically affiliated sources, with the report referencing the Hillary Clinton campaign-funded Fusion GPS dossier as an example.

The report also scrutinizes the FBI’s hurried decision to open an investigation, named “Crossfire Hurricane,” based on unevaluated intelligence.

The FBI’s approach towards the Trump campaign was notably inconsistent with its treatment of the Clinton campaign, which, despite significant intelligence suggesting potential foreign election interference plans, was not investigated.

Durham’s report concludes that the FBI’s actions lacked appropriate objectivity and restraint, suggesting a predisposition towards investigating Trump.

It criticizes the agency’s integrity, asserting that the FBI needs to embody its principles of Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity more fully. This report comes at a critical time as Trump gears up for his reelection campaign, after his administration faced continuous scrutiny under Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


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1 Comment

  1. Jj

    May 25, 2023 at 1:10 am

    American citizens jobs are fucked thanks biden and illegals

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