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Prison Security Under Scrutiny After Several Suspected Murderers Escape



Knowledge Nuggets:

  • A series of daring escapes by alleged murderers has brought attention to the current prison security systems.
  • The highest risk of escape comes from inmates serving long sentences or facing serious charges, often during transportation or from minimum-security facilities.
  • In response to these incidents, prison authorities are enforcing immediate and long-term security upgrades.

A string of daring escapes by alleged murderers from separate prisons is drawing attention to the effectiveness of our law enforcement’s capacity to maintain prisoners under lock and key, suggesting a pressing need for a comprehensive review of prison security systems.

The most recent escapee evading custody is Michael Burham, an ex-Army reserve sergeant described as a “self-taught survivalist.”

Currently suspected of being armed and dangerous, Burham remains at large in the northeastern Pennsylvania woods, despite a $19,500 reward for information leading to his capture.

According to Lt. Col. George Bivens of the Pennsylvania State Police, it is likely that Burham is getting assistance from outside sources.

In a separate incident, an inmate in Indiana allegedly killed a deputy during a daring escape attempt, shedding more light on the perilous risks involved in inmate transportation.

Robert Boyce, a former Chief of Detectives for the New York Police Department, explains that prisoners often seize available opportunities to escape, suggesting a deficit in current security protocols.

The highest risk of escapes, according to Bryce Peterson, adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, comes from inmates serving lengthy sentences or facing serious charges.

Interestingly, Peterson’s research indicates that most escapes aren’t elaborate Hollywood-style breakouts but rather mundane incidents, often involving inmates walking away from minimum-security facilities with lax perimeter security.


The need for significant improvements in prison security is illustrated by the elaborate escape of Burham, who allegedly used exercise equipment to scale a metal-grated roof, and bed sheets to lower himself to safety.

Such incidents have prompted the Warren County Board of Commissioners and the state Prison Board to enforce immediate safety changes to the Warren County Jail, with more long-term upgrades scheduled over the next few weeks.

Peterson’s research also highlights a troubling frequency of escapes during transport, particularly involving private transport companies with seemingly little oversight.

With county jails grappling with significant staffing shortages and budget constraints, improvements are critical to enhance security and reduce the potential for future escapes.

With most escapees recaptured within days, Peterson affirms that the rarity of long-term escape is due largely to law enforcement’s unyielding search efforts.

Despite this, the recent string of escapes underscores the urgent need for comprehensive reforms in prison security.


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