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Disney’s Left Turn: Can This Star Save It?



Clear Facts

  • Disney’s current leadership has taken a far-left political stance, alienating many fans.
  • Disney’s original purpose was to provide entertainment and escape for children and adults alike.
  • Kurt Russell, a former Disney star, could potentially restore the company to its original values and mission.

Major Disney stockholder Nelson Peltz is waging a massive proxy fight against Disney for mismanagement and non-accountability. He is not only correct to do so, but has the support of millions of “Disney Kids” like myself who are shocked at what the far-left leadership has done to the iconic company.

As for me, in some real and lasting ways, the “Wonderful World of Disney” and Disney movies helped to keep me sane by providing moments of escape and happiness during a childhood which saw me evicted from 34 homes by the time I was 17 years of age.

Aside from the seemingly never-ending evictions, my older brother Jay, younger sister Janice, and I also found ourselves frequently without electricity. Just one of the many bills our alcoholic and highly dysfunctional parents never seemed to pay.

As the evictions, lack of electricity and accompanying sadness and humiliation were a regular and predictable occurrence, I came up with something to distract our minds in the midst of the literal darkness and despair.

That was to use the battery-operated tape recorder my grandmother had given me to record the audio from the Disney shows on television – when we did have electricity – as well as sneak it into the occasional movie theater to tape the audio from a Disney movie.

The idea being that when our electricity was turned off or when we were living in the back of a car, I would play the Disney movies on my tape recorder to both distract us from the constant misery while also providing much needed entertainment.

The very first Disney movie I recorded – after a few Disney shows on television – was “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” starring Kurt Russell as “Dexter Riley.” As I was in Little League at the time and knew Russell was an excellent baseball player, I gravitated toward him as an actor and as an escape.

I literally lost count of how many times my brother, sister, and I would listen to “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” or “The Barefoot Executive” in the dark. Russell will likely never know it, but in a very real way, we will always be in his debt.

Now, flash ahead to today. In my mind, and certainly the minds of tens of millions of Americans, the Disney of now is far removed from the company envisioned, created and nurtured by Walt Disney 100 years ago.


The company took a left turn politically years ago and has progressively moved from the liberal lane to the far-left lane to the woke lane while driving away those tens of millions of former fans.

In some real ways, I was the “poster child” of a Disney kid. Its programming in the late ’60s gave me the escape needed to decompress my mind and fight another day. I loved Disney then and love the idea of that Disney now.

Except, Disney of today seemingly wants to politicize every single thing it creates or controls. Its leadership is deeply political and now continually pushes the agenda of the Democratic Party as well as divisive “identity politics.”

As someone who tries to espouse common sense and pragmatic thoughts and solutions – I don’t want any politics from any party in Disney entertainment. I would argue just as loudly if Disney was trying to insert conservative dogma into its programming and movies while bashing those who sided with the Democratic Party.

As one who did grow up in abject poverty, I am here to remind current Disney CEO Bob Iger and his leadership team that tens of millions of Americans are fighting every single day of their lives to overcome the worst that life has to offer. A nightmare often foisted upon them by partisan politics.

Those deeply hurting and continually frightened Americans don’t want to be lectured or talked down to by “entertainment” companies. They want – and desperately need – to be entertained. Unless you have walked in the shoes of some of these people, you have no idea the mental struggle it takes simply to make it to the next day.

Now, flash ahead to today. In my mind, and certainly the minds of tens of millions of Americans, the Disney of now is far removed from the company envisioned, created and nurtured by Walt Disney 100 years ago.

According to news reports, Iger – who is already worth hundreds of millions of dollars – was paid almost $32 million in total compensation by Disney in 2023. Good for him.


But as he thinks of all the ways he can spend that money, he should remember that for much of his core customer base, $3,000 can be a life-changing or lifesaving amount. For decades, Disney was in the business of serving that customer base. It can be again.

I am quite serious when I say this, but if he ever were to be open to it, I believe Russell could not only save Disney, but restore it to its core mission of entertaining children and adults.

For years, Russell’s name was synonymous with the Disney brand. He was just 15 when Walt Disney passed away at the age of 65. Prior to that moment, the two did have numerous conversations as Disney felt his young star had a real future. And, as has become a bit of an urban myth, two of the last words Disney did write in his notebook before passing on were in fact: Kurt Russell.

All of that to say that in many ways, Russell did – and does – know the mindset of Walt Disney as well as his values. More than that, Russell is a libertarian who would bring common sense, pragmatic and non-political thinking and creativity back to Disney.

If ever there was a time for the baseball-loving Kurt Russell to step up to the plate and swing for the fences to save Disney, it is now. I truly believe he could do it.

Clear Thoughts (op-ed)

Disney’s departure from its original purpose of providing entertainment and escape has left millions of fans disillusioned. The far-left political stance adopted by the current leadership has only deepened the divide.

Kurt Russell, a former Disney star, could potentially restore the company to its original values and mission. Growing up, I found solace in Disney movies like “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes,” starring Russell. These films provided moments of escape and happiness during a difficult childhood.

Today, however, Disney seems determined to politicize everything it creates or controls. Its leadership continually pushes the agenda of the Democratic Party and divisive “identity politics.” Disney needs to remember that its core customer base consists of people who simply want and need to be entertained, without being lectured or talked down to.


Russell, who was once synonymous with the Disney brand, could bring common sense, pragmatic, and non-political thinking back to the company. With his understanding of Walt Disney’s values and his libertarian beliefs, he could steer Disney back to its core mission of entertaining children and adults alike. It’s time for Kurt Russell to step up and save Disney.

Let us know what you think, please share your thoughts in the comments below.




  1. Louie R Guertin

    February 1, 2024 at 6:54 am

    There is no mistake to think Disney has an agenda outside of entertainment. That agenda spoken here is real. And just as real are the cost to the patrons to attend. Upper management in order to have the high compensation they demand have risen consumer cost such that they are unable to afford Disney.
    upon a visit to Disney Orlando,our daughter was injured by a cast member accidentally. The cast member did not refute incident responsibility. Disney did. They required in order to a pay for a doctor’s checkup a responsibility waiver. My eyes were then opened to the REAL Disney. Have not been back and will not go back. People should be forewarned mishaps require a lawyer. Sugar and spice and nothing nice.

  2. mountainman

    February 1, 2024 at 7:29 am

    I believe the demise of disney is here. With their support of liberalism and “diversity” they are losing their base, that base being the working class, and pandering to the liberals, who spend more time protesting than working. Let the liberals support disney, with what money I don’t know becaus they need to stop protesting and work. So good luck to disney, they won’t see any of my bucks since I have better things to do with it.

  3. Donald Prue

    February 1, 2024 at 8:18 am

    As a child in the 1950’s, my role model was “Moochie of the Little League.” My dream girl was Haley Mills, and I was pretty sure that Disney Land and Heaven were the same place. When I finally entered Disney Land for the first time at the age of 50 as a minister with a wife and 3 teenaged children, secure in the knowledge that there are (and always have been) significant differences between the Magic Kingdom and the Kingdom of God, the realization of the fulfillment of a long-forgotten childhood dream initiated an involuntary flow of tears of joy.
    The twisted evolution of the post-Walt Disney brand over the ensuing generations is a source of disappointment – and even occasional heartbreak – for those of us who are among the earliest “baby-boomers.” While no human corporation (including a church) should ever be misconstrued with salvific authority, in and of itself, it sure would be nice if influential outlets like Disney would assist my children with their parenting, as they assisted my parents, with politically neutral, innocence-preserving programming that just does what entertainment was meant to do, provide an occasional oasis in the emotional desert that often typifies the daily life of “all God’s children.”

  4. Carl

    February 1, 2024 at 9:14 am

    Disney, remember, is a corporation. And corporations in this country, much like Pavlov’s dogs, have learned to reflexively respond to cues from representatives of “marginalized” groups (e.g., blacks, gays, Hispanics, trans). Show me a major publicly-traded company — Apple, McDonald’s, AT&T, Home Depot, Microsoft — and I’ll show you an enabler of the hard Left. The Disney Corp. is merely a symptom of a larger problem: the transformation of the corporation into a vehicle for State control by the Left.

  5. Terry

    February 1, 2024 at 9:36 am

    Like all good things in this country Disney is being driven into the ground. Satan and his minions at work.

    • Colleen

      February 1, 2024 at 11:07 am

      If Disney wants to continue, they have to get out of this idea that what they are pushing on our youth is wrong, that transgenders are mentally ill and cannot change their sex no matter what and they also have to return to hiring people for their knowledge and talent and not the candy coating. This brainwashing has to start at the top and be banished at the Magic Kingdom.

  6. Masaru Edmund Nakawatase

    February 1, 2024 at 10:24 am

    I obviously missed the Manifesto that accompanied this presumed Left Turn by the Disney Corporation. Did the corporation call for public control of the means of production? Has it denounced the exploitation inherent in the so-called “free enterprise” system? When did the current leadership of Disney advocate for Bob Iger, or any other Disney executive, to pay his or her fair share of taxes? Has Disney publicly denounced systemic racism and sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and other offenses against a decent society?

    Admittedly, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and other Disney characters have provided effective cover for the Disney Corporation’s transgressions in the name of diversity and equality. Or should Scrooge McDuck now set the tone for the corporation?

  7. Helen

    February 1, 2024 at 5:02 pm

    If Kurt Russell is the libertarian who can save Disney then please “Go for it”. Someone or something needs to step up and save Disney from this horrible mess it has gotten itself into. I cringe every time I see something about Disney. Just waiting for them to say that Mickey and Minnie are gay or transgender and that they are Black because they have black ears, arms, legs and bodies. They are probably going to speak in Ebonics. Just saying and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Disney is so blind-they don’t realize that this is where we all go when our outside world is imploding around us. We want what’s good and decent regardless of race, gender, and political views. Can’t we all just mind our own business and enjoy Disney the way Walt wanted it to be enjoyed? He’s already flipping out in his grave. I’m desperately trying to hold on (praying) waiting to see if this company has a future and a hope. My Disney stock is getting close to being worthless. God help us all!!!

  8. LMS

    February 1, 2024 at 11:11 pm

    Too little too late. No more trips, support to any of your subsidiaries or ANYTHING that Disney represents. You have crossed an extremely dangerous line when it comes to children. We are done with Disney I don’t care who runs it. You can close for good for all we care!

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