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Talk Show Host Diagnosed with Dementia And Aphasia



Clear Facts

  • Popular talk show host Wendy Williams has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia and aphasia, as confirmed by her team.
  • Williams had previously been open about her medical struggles with Graves’ Disease and Lymphedema, and her recent health issues were identified after she began to lose words and act erratically.
  • Despite her diagnosis, Williams has maintained her sense of humor and is currently receiving care in an undisclosed treatment center.

In a recent announcement, Wendy Williams’ team confirmed that the renowned talk show host has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia and aphasia. This news comes after a series of medical tests in 2023, following noticeable changes in Williams’ behavior and memory.

“As Wendy’s fans are aware, in the past she has been open with the public about her medical struggles with Graves’ Disease and Lymphedema as well as other significant challenges related to her health,” the announcement read.

The decision to share this news was not taken lightly. The team explained, “The decision to share this news was difficult and made after careful consideration, not only to advocate for understanding and compassion for Wendy, but to raise awareness about aphasia and frontotemporal dementia and support the thousands of others facing similar circumstances.”

The diagnosis has allowed Williams to receive the necessary medical care. “Receiving a diagnosis has enabled Wendy to receive the medical care she requires,” her team stated.

Despite the challenges, Williams’ team reassured fans that she is still able to do many things for herself and has kept her “trademark sense of humor.”

Williams is currently being cared for in an undisclosed treatment center, where her team is ensuring she is “protected.” There have been claims from her family that they’ve been unable to reach her in the facility.

“She is appreciative of the many kind thoughts and good wishes being sent her way,” her team stated.

Concerns for Williams’ health first arose when she collapsed on-air during her talk show’s Halloween episode in 2017. This was followed by several troubling appearances that underscored her health struggles. Williams has been candid about her declining health and her battle with alcohol addiction.

Clear Thoughts (op-ed)

The recent revelation of Wendy Williams’ diagnosis with frontotemporal dementia and aphasia is a stark reminder that life’s challenges do not discriminate. Williams, a prominent talk show host, has faced her share of medical issues, and her diagnosis serves as a wake-up call for all of us.


Despite the difficulties, Williams’ resilience and trademark sense of humor remain intact. Her team’s decision to share this news underscores the importance of raising awareness about these conditions and advocating for understanding and compassion.

As Williams receives care at an undisclosed treatment center, we must remember that countless individuals face similar circumstances. These diagnoses not only impact the individuals themselves but also their families and loved ones.

In times like these, it’s crucial for us to rally around those who are struggling and show our support. Let us take this opportunity to educate ourselves about frontotemporal dementia and aphasia, and work towards a more compassionate society for all.

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