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Renowned Actress’s Mother Reveals Hollywood’s Dark Side



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  • Kirsten Dunst acknowledges her mother’s influential role in shielding her from the not-so-glamorous aspects of Hollywood during her nascent years in the industry.
  • Dunst recalls a perturbing encounter with a director who posed an improper question when she was just 16. Her mother swiftly intervened and removed her from the production of that film.
  • The actress asserts her steadfast focus on her professional responsibilities and attributes her positive experiences on male-dominated sets to respectful co-stars like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.

Renowned actress Kirsten Dunst recently shared insights about her early years in the Hollywood entertainment industry. She credits her mother, Inez, for her ability to skirt the more unsavory elements of the industry.
“I was able to circumvent that side of the business because my mother was continually there,” Dunst stated.

Despite her mother’s vigilant protection, Dunst experienced a disconcerting incident with a director when she was only 16. “I was alone with a male director in his office, discussing a potential film role, when he suddenly asked me an inappropriate question,” Dunst disclosed, choosing not to delve into specifics.

She went on to add, “I’m uncertain if he is still active in the industry. It’s a memory that I prefer not to dwell on. However, I can affirm that his question was unrelated to my acting skills. It wasn’t just ‘offbeat;’ it was entirely inappropriate. I remember feeling that something wasn’t right but was unsure how to respond.”

Upon confiding this unsettling encounter to her mother, Dunst was promptly pulled out from the film’s production. “She withdrew me from the process and informed them that I would not be participating in the film,” the actress recounted.

Dunst, who rose to fame with her role in the 1994 film “Interview with a Vampire” alongside Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, esteemed that despite the set being predominantly male, everyone treated her with respect. “Although it was a largely male set, everyone was courteous and gentle. I never felt out of place. Brad was like an older brother to me,” she remarked.

Dunst also highlighted her no-surrender approach to any unwanted advances during her career in the industry. She once told director Sofia Coppola, “I don’t emit that aura,” in response to a question about whether any of her male co-stars had ever attempted any unwelcome advances on set. These experiences underscore the significance of protecting young actors in Hollywood and the pivotal role parents and guardians play in this endeavor.

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