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Host’s Farewell: Nostalgic Reflection on Historic TV Run



Clear Facts

  • Pat Sajak, the long-time host of “Wheel of Fortune”, engages in a farewell interview with his daughter, Maggie Sajak, to commemorate his final week of hosting the popular television game show.
  • The interview presented a retrospective of Sajak’s career, including a reflection on his early days in broadcasting and his time serving in the Armed Forces Radio during the Vietnam War.
  • Pat Sajak made TV history in September 2022 by surpassing Bob Barker, former host of “The Price Is Right”, as the longest-running host of any game show.

As he prepared to bid adieu to “Wheel of Fortune,” Pat Sajak indulged in a nostalgic discussion with his daughter, Maggie Sajak. The first of four videos documenting the conversation was released by the show on Monday, leading up to Sajak’s last episode on Friday.

“Today kicks off the first of Maggie’s exclusive 4-part interview series with Pat, Thanks For The Memories, in honor of her dad’s final week as host of ‘Wheel of Fortune.’”, the Instagram caption announced. The series promises tears, laughter, and a trip down memory lane as it recounts Sajak’s impressively long stint of 41 seasons and over 8,000 episodes.

During the interview, Pat shared his feelings about his imminent departure, explaining that while the announcement came nearly a year ago, it allowed him time to adjust and reflect on his successful career.

The father-daughter pairing ventured back in time, revisiting Sajak’s childhood and early ambitions. He admitted that while he never envisioned himself as a game show host, he always harbored a desire to be in broadcasting.

He cited his great aunt, a horse racing handicap for a Chicago newspaper, as one of his early influences, saying she fostered his interest in radio and television broadcasting.

Sajak also acknowledged his admiration for Jack Paar, a broadcaster who hosted the “Tonight Show” for five years during the 1960s. Sajak revealed that Paar had been a significant influence and a supportive friend in his life.

His professional journey started with a humble job at a foreign language radio station during his college days, which was followed by a stint in the Armed Forces Radio during the Vietnam War. Upon returning to the U.S., he began his broadcasting career at WSM Television in Nashville, Tennessee, where he held numerous roles and gained valuable television experience.

Sajak, who hosted “Wheel of Fortune” for over 40 years, announced his decision to retire last summer and is presently in his final week of shows. The host is a father to two children – Maggie, a law school graduate and social media correspondent for “Wheel of Fortune,” and Patrick, a doctor.

In a notable achievement last year, Sajak surpassed Bob Barker, the former host of “The Price Is Right,” to become the longest-running host of any game show.


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