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Jay Leno Seeks Conservatorship Amid Wife’s Dementia Battle



Clear Facts

  • Veteran comedian Jay Leno has filed for conservatorship of his wife Mavis’s estate, as her battle with advanced dementia escalates to the point where she sometimes doesn’t recognize him.
  • Leno’s decision to file for conservatorship is rooted in love and respect for his wife, and aims at safeguarding her estate.
  • Mavis Leno’s neurologist, Dr. Hart Cohen, and her court-appointed counsel, Ronald E. Ostrin, confirm her cognitive impairment but emphasize her charming personality, philanthropic passions, and reliance on Jay Leno for protection and guidance.

Jay Leno, the esteemed comedian and retired talk show host, has taken a step to protect his beloved wife Mavis Leno amid her struggle with dementia. This January, Leno filed for conservatorship over her estate, a move he had delayed out of respect and consideration for his longtime partner.

New documentation procured reveal details about Mavis Leno’s current condition. These documents were filed by her court-appointed attorney, Ronald E. Ostrin, following a consultation with her neurologist, Dr. Hart Cohen.

Dr. Cohen highlighted Mavis’ struggle with advanced dementia, stating, “she sometimes does not know her husband Jay, nor her date of birth.” Her disorientation is so severe that she often thinks about her parents, both of whom are deceased.

In 2018, Mavis was involved in a car accident, which led her to consult Dr. Cohen. Ostrin writes, “Mr. Leno loves his wife very much, and waited to bring this matter out of respect to her. He said that Mr. Leno was ‘such a nice man and treats [Mavis] like gold.’”

The couple, who have been together since 1980, first met at the Comedy Store in the ’70s.

Ostrin recounts his personal encounter with Mavis Leno, who he describes as “a delightful person” with a “charming personality.” Despite clear signs of cognitive impairment, Ostrin mentions that Mavis expressed a desire to vote and talked about her philanthropic work. She demonstrated great trust in Jay Leno, relying on him for protection and guidance.

Ostrin further explained why the conservatorship filed by Leno pertains solely to Mavis’ estate and not her person. Dr. Hart Cohen and Leno’s attorneys clarified that Mavis is already receiving necessary medications for dementia and other major neurocognitive disorders. These treatments can continue without an order or personal conservatorship.

The objective of the substituted judgment estate planning is to prepare an estate plan and designate a conservator of the person promptly if something were to happen to Mr. Leno.

The past few years have also been challenging for Jay Leno as he grapples with his own health issues. In November 2022, he suffered severe burns from a gasoline accident, followed by a motorcycle accident in January 2023 that resulted in multiple broken bones.

Despite these setbacks, the resilient comedian remains undeterred. “Unless I have a stroke,” he recently stated, “Then you slow down. That’s when you retire – when you have your stroke.” He retains his sense of humor even in the face of adversity.

A hearing for the conservatorship case has been set for April 9 in Los Angeles.

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1 Comment

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