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Wrongfully Terminated Actress Joins New Management Team Amid Disney Legal Battle



Clear Facts

  • Gina Carano, known for her roles in “The Mandalorian,” “Fast & Furious 6,” and “Deadpool,” has joined the management company, Straightwire Entertainment.
  • Carano is currently involved in a legal dispute with Disney, accusing them of wrongful termination and discrimination.
  • She has filed a lawsuit against Disney and Lucasfilm, asserting her dismissal was due to her conservative viewpoints and is seeking a legal mandate for her rehiring.

Gina Carano, a renowned actress for her roles in notable films and series such as “The Mandalorian,” “Fast & Furious 6,” and “Deadpool,” has recently joined Straightwire Entertainment.

Rob Weston, who heads Straightwire Entertainment, is the new manager for Carano. During her transition to this new management, Carano expressed her anticipation for what the future holds. She said, “Rob Weston is the English gentleman who remains calm in any environment and has deep knowledge of this industry, as well as a really unique and keen eye for art and storytelling.”

Carano further stated, “I feel relieved to push the refresh button in signing on with Rob, and I am as ambitious as ever in this new chapter of my life and career. We are already actively working on a new television series that I am ecstatic about that is unlike anything I’ve done thus far and are actively attracting creatives from all over who are excited to collaborate.”

Weston, in return, has praised Carano’s talent and expressed his excitement for their collaboration. He said,
“Gina Carano is not only an exceptional talent but a wonderful human being and we are thrilled to be joining her in the next chapter of her career.”

However, Carano’s career transition occurs during a legal dispute with Disney. She alleges wrongful termination and discrimination, instigated by a social media post that compared Nazi’s hatred of Jews to hating someone based on their political views. This post was cited as grounds for her dismissal.

Carano has initiated legal proceedings against Disney and Lucasfilm, filing a lawsuit. She accuses them of discriminatory practices and unjust dismissal, alleging that her departure was due to her expression of conservative viewpoints. Furthermore, she is seeking a legal mandate to compel Lucasfilm to rehire her.

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  1. James

    March 21, 2024 at 6:39 pm

    Of course it was because of her point of view.
    How many Dems lost their jobs after comparing Trump to Hitler?

  2. Annette

    March 22, 2024 at 11:01 am

    They were wrong, and know they were wrong. Its ok to be as right as you want, slinging dirt on those who don’t agree with you, but stand up for something wholesome, clean, and you’re booted to the curb. What they did was wrong on so many fronts. She is an amazing actress and we didn’t resubscribe to Disney and no longer support them. Much luck sweet girl, we’re cheering for you.

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