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Schwarzenegger Comes Clean on Affair



Knowledge Nuggets:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger disclosed the truth about his affair and the resulting child, Joseph, during a marriage counseling session with his then-wife Maria Shriver in 2011.
  • The revelation had a profound effect on Shriver, who subsequently re-evaluated her life and role in their relationship.
  • Schwarzenegger and Shriver, who divorced in 2021, maintain a cordial relationship and express pride in how they raised their four children, who have no relationship with Joseph.

In the recently released “Arnold” documentary, Arnold Schwarzenegger reflects on a pivotal moment from a decade ago, when he revealed his affair with housekeeper Mildred Baena and acknowledged paternity of her son, Joseph. This revelation occurred during a 2011 marriage counseling session with his then-wife Maria Shriver.

The disclosure was a poignant moment, deeply affecting Shriver, who confessed on the “Making Space” podcast how this event prompted her to re-evaluate her life and her role in their relationship. Seeking a path to recovery and self-improvement, Shriver turned to various resources available to her.

Schwarzenegger, in the documentary, discusses his initial uncertainty about Joseph’s paternity due to Baena’s marriage to Rogelio Baena at the time. However, as Joseph grew older, Schwarzenegger began to recognize his paternity, leading to the eventual disclosure.

In the aftermath of the scandal, Schwarzenegger and Shriver ended their marriage of over two decades. Despite the challenges, they managed to maintain a friendly relationship, focusing on raising their four children — Katherine, Christina, Patrick, and Christopher — who, as it stands, have no relationship with their half-brother Joseph. Schwarzenegger, on the other hand, shares a close bond with Joseph.


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