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The Pic of This Real Bridge Will Make You Question Reality [Not Photo Shopped]



Knowledge Nuggets:

  • An image of the Gateway Bridge in Brisbane, Australia has gone viral on social media, with overseas viewers describing it as “trippy” and “creepy” due to its seemingly warped perspective.
  • The photograph was taken by Wendy Martin, who intended to capture a sunset and was surprised by the strange angle the bridge appeared to take in the shot. She assures the image was not edited.
  • While some found the image anxiety-inducing, locals who are familiar with the bridge claim the most shocking aspect is the toll price of $3.43 for regular cars.

An unusual photo of the Gateway Bridge in Brisbane, Australia, recently took social media by storm, leaving international viewers both intrigued and unnerved. The viral image, shared on the Facebook group “View from YOUR window”, gave the bridge a warped appearance that many foreign viewers described as “trippy,” “creepy,” and even akin to a “glitch” or “witchcraft”.

The peculiar image was captured by Wendy Martin, a Gold Coast resident, who was merely attempting to immortalize a sunset on her iPhone. The resulting shot, presenting the bridge in a strange and unsettling angle, took Martin by surprise. She was quick to assure that no editing had been involved in the making of the viral snapshot.

As the image garnered thousands of comments and widespread attention, locals familiar with the Gateway Bridge, officially known as the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges, were quick to dispel any illusions of the bridge being “scary” or spectacularly unusual in person. Instead, they pointed to the real “nightmare” of the bridge – the toll. Costing a regular car $3.43 to cross, the toll is the true shock for most bridge-goers.

The image and the reactions it received offer a fascinating insight into how perspectives can be shifted and manipulated, inadvertently or otherwise, through the lens of a camera, and how these manipulated perspectives can elicit strong responses, both locally and globally.


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