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Conor McGregor Punches NBA Mascot, Sending Him To Hospital [VIDEO]



Knowledge Nuggets:

  • Former UFC champion Conor McGregor punched Miami Heat’s mascot “Burnie” during an NBA game promotion stunt, resulting in hospitalization for the mascot.
  • UFC president Dana White defended McGregor’s actions, questioning the wisdom of mascots engaging professional fighters.
  • Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra admired the mascot’s toughness, while McGregor compared the incident to a regular match, initially thinking the mascot costume would provide sufficient cushioning.

A courtside drama took center stage during Game 4 of the NBA finals between the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets.

Ex-UFC champion Conor McGregor, there to promote his pain relief spray TIDAL, inadvertently turned the promotional event into a real-life combat spectacle by landing a hard left hook on Miami Heat’s mascot “Burnie.”

The incident started when the mascot playfully ran up to McGregor, donning boxing gloves.

Reacting to the stunt, McGregor knocked down “Burnie” with a left hook, even landing a second punch while the mascot was still on the ground.

The incident sparked widespread debate and commentary.


UFC president Dana White, seemingly in McGregor’s corner, blamed the mascot for instigating the incident.

His candid response queried the intelligence of mascots seeking to engage professional fighters. After all, costumes are hardly the ideal protective gear against formidable UFC champs.

Amid the controversy, Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra maintained a sportsmanlike spirit, praising the mascot’s resilience and toughness.

Spoelstra’s lighthearted commentary provided a modicum of humor to the tense incident.

McGregor, seemingly surprised at the outcome, compared the mascot punch to a regular match blow. He had assumed the costume would offer enough cushioning to prevent any real harm.

Unfortunately, the harsh reality proved otherwise.


Clear Thoughts:

In an absurd turn of events, the NBA finals court turned into a makeshift UFC ring when former champion Conor McGregor decided to throw a knockout punch at Miami Heat’s mascot, “Burnie.”

While it’s evident that McGregor was just playing along with the stunt, his response was misguided at best and catastrophic at worst.

UFC president Dana White defended McGregor, asserting that mascots should not engage professional fighters.

While his sentiment has merit, it’s important to remember that the line between entertainment and professional combat should never blur.

Was it ill-advised for the mascot to approach a pro fighter? Maybe. But McGregor’s reaction was wholly disproportionate.

Despite the incident, Miami Heat’s coach, Erik Spoelstra, expressed admiration for the mascot’s grit.

While this show of solidarity is commendable, it should not distract us from the critical question: why did McGregor think it was okay to apply full-force in a clearly playful scenario?

Yes, it’s an unusual scenario. But it emphasizes the need for clear boundaries in such stunts.


Athletes, especially those involved in combat sports, need to recognize the potential danger they can pose in non-competitive settings.

If anything, this incident should serve as a stern reminder of the responsibility that comes with power.

As for McGregor, perhaps he should stick to the Octagon and cryotherapy spray promotion, leaving the playful mascot stunts to those better suited for them.




  1. Judith Robbins

    June 17, 2023 at 8:22 pm

    The first punch by the boxer was warranted . The second one was not, as the mascot was already on the floor. It was really disgusting to see. He should sue the idiot boxer!

    • Bon K

      June 20, 2023 at 12:30 am

      Agree! McGregor could have pulled the punch – it wasn’t an actual match. He’s always been a jerk. Should have been jailed several years ago for his actions in the parking garage hurting several.

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